Sun Sextile Pluto

sun sextile plutoAn individual with Sun sextile Pluto in aspect has an easy expression between their sense of individuality and the deeper perceptions of life. Also, he or she can tune into the darker and shadowy side of existence. Usually, this kind of energy conveys itself through the individual’s effortless way of diagnosing what is unhealthy, analyzing its underlying negative patterns and throwing off anything obstructive. There is a general sense of well-being, and he or she is a great advocate of fresh starts, using their ability to transmit this profound energy for beneficial change.

The individual recognizes the power to transform. Mostly, Sun-Pluto needs to feel the intense burning of living and doing so with great depth and passion. Everything regarding Pluto in astrology always returns to breathing in the magnificence of a passionate life, to be intimate with existence, engaged, and to tap into its soulful secrets. The person with this aspect has the ability to pursue their goals and follow fate – wherever it takes them. The Sun in aspect to Pluto taps into their inner resources, and he or she will have a soft spot for the underdog in life, championing the rejected in society.

When Pluto’s force combines with the Sun’s individuality, there is a personal power, dynamic energy, along with a strength of will. The individual will cope with difficulties as they arise. Above all, he or she will know how to eliminate the useless and the trivial. Psychic intuition often takes the place of logic and reason. Sun in aspect to Pluto will surround themselves with mystery and intrigue and search for the hidden dimensions, reading the subtle clues.

Sun sextile Pluto follows the path to healing, psychoanalyzing and interpreting the world in greater depth. The individual is able to accept the “dark side” of human nature. Often playfully teasing out its darkest impulses, but he or she is greatly attracted to any area where they can grow, change, and transform. The psychological perceptions are amazingly sharp, and the type is not fond of superficiality. Sun- Pluto instinctively knows the best route to achieving their most hidden wishes. Instilled deeply within the psyche is the ability to sweep up anything which holds them back from their true potential.

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