Water Moon Attracted to a Fire Moon

water and fire moonQuestion: I am a Watery Moon so why I am attracted to Fire Moons?

The elements of Water and Fire are incredibly different. Principally, given the old traditional way of interpreting, Water is related to the negative polarity and drawing inwards and Fire being the positive outward and outgoing energy.

“I am the fire and you are the rain washing me out, you drown my flame”

FIRE and WATER can make for a steamy attraction, but conflict arises when Fire bruises Water’s sensitivity. Most of the time watery people are oversensitive to everything and not many folks can understand their moody withdrawals. Fire people in the broadest possible sense don’t possess the subtle secretiveness of being able to pick up the subtexts of any environment. Water can depress Fire, but often each of them has exactly what the other needs so it can result in something of a magnetic attraction. Sometimes FIRE can help water with more courage and confidence since WATER has more of an innate shyness. Water can also help Fire with compassion for human weaknesses lending greater sympathy as these souls can sit in silence with others through troubled water. However, more outgoing psyches can not readily understand Water’s need for solitary and internalizing, though, to feel so intensely is not a sign of weakness at all.

The lunar energy in astrology is what frequently has us gripped psychically, possessed by a mood, and it can have the power to take over the ego (Sun) especially once a feeling state has pooled up. Within intimate relationships is where we really get to know each other’s Moon since it influences just about every facet of human emotion.

FIERY MOONS need passion, freedom and can be show-offs. It appears they are showy but this only because such behavior is exaggerated. Acting God-like or akin to a king/Queen, with many of their expressions being larger than life will often result in criticism from other introverted and negative astrological types. Underneath they possess a warm and generous nature, very capable, self-assured. It’s like being on a Summer Holiday when romantically involved with these sizzling Moons. Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius have simply fallen in love with life and such enthusiasm is contagious. Where there is darkness they confront it with light. The FIRE SIGNS can transport you to exotic locations, introducing new experiences and seem to have all the best and brightest ideas. Such individuals leap, sparkle and crackle. Often they can be over eager and don’t allow the grass to grow under their feet. In a broad sense, they love new beginnings, enjoy being active and initiating fun. Fiery souls are impatient, sometimes called rash, insensitive and foolishly irresponsible.

WATERY MOONS are emotional and moody, often feeling emotionally insecure. In a highly sympathetic, vulnerable and dramatic fashion – a crisis is necessary to evoke a feeling response. Sometimes you just don’t know how a Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces Moon is feeling from one minute to the next, everything is constantly flowing and ever changing – appearing IrrAtioNal. They often expect others to read  them psychically and pick up on unspoken demands. The WATER SIGNS can use emotional manipulation and understand instinctively what makes a lover tick. Being deep romantics, they are never lost for a fine poetic phrase filled with depth and imagination.The darkness is a time of healing and you will get well-acquainted with these signs reputation for scuttling off, going underground or swimming in the deep ocean in order to spiritually restore the soul. The watery type also thinks long and deep about the mysteries of birth and death and intimacy of love. Many are easily hurt, extremely sensitive; they all have some safe place to retreat to lick their wounds when the world intrudes too much.

“The Moon in water needs above all to receive an emotional response from others. It is the most important thing int he world, even if the response is hatred and anger. At least, that is better than one’s feelings falling down a hole somewhere…Nothing activates anxiety in a watery moon than another person’s unresponsiveness, because it is like dropping into the void. One ceases to exist.”  By Liz Greene The Luminaries