Trauma: Mercury-Pluto Aspects

February 3, 2015 by No Comments

jyyA Mercury-Pluto individual could have a mental wound and may have suffered mental abuse, name-calling, verbal threats, and derogatory comments. Much of this could have been buried deep and moves along on an undercurrent even when it appears that the mind is sailing on the surface of glibful conversations. The mind is intense and focused and events are deeply studied to find their underlying causes.

Many of these types get involved in intellectual power-struggles. Whatever planet, Pluto is connected to we seem to re-enact an early struggle in an attempt to heal the original pain, or to regain a new sense of power. The mind examines the shadowy elements of life and there can often be times of feeling mentally isolated in the sense that no one understands them. Mentally, they can penetrate deeply into subjects and reach to the core of something in a relentless search for knowledge. A need to know that, at times, may become obsessive.

According to Jeff Green’s evolutionary astrology the individual with a Mercury-Pluto in contact will experience an intellectual confrontation, and it will be essentially a powerful experience as it will ride up against opinions and views the person holds. In this sense, these confrontations need to occur so that that individual can see if they are holding onto self-limiting thoughts. The soul could be blocked and is unable to allow new information to penetrate into their being. It could result in the individual not listening to others, rejecting their opinions and it could take a violent exchange of words for everything to fully surface. Furthermore, another scenario given is that of mentally imploding, and this sounds quite frightening. The author points out that some of the major dilemmas are about” what to believe, think and how to think about it.”

Arroyo’s take on this aspect also points to the mind getting out of control and there is a great fearfulness. “A tendency to fear the worst and to think that one is being “psychic” when one is actually at the mercy of negative emotions,…it is as if the emotions boil over into the communication channels, flooding them with a torrential release of verbiage…”

Obviously, words to this individual hold immense power and they have felt this from a young age, especially if they have been mentally abused by someone. The unconscious can devour the mind with its dark soundtrack, and the individual may often have to carefully dig through the rubble to make sense of anything. Pluto rules some kind of crisis involving the communication aspect of the person. The Chinese word for ‘crisis’ also means ‘opportunity’ and so there is an upside to their dark side, and they come to understand how the world really works. Often feeling privileged to access information the rest of society refuses to acknowledge. They naturally question everything, and an authentic understanding of the world is what these people really seek.

The ideas don’t have to be dressed up pretty; they just want an explanation of what is really going on. If anybody made them feel as if their thoughts, ideas and beliefs were not valuable, well, things can dramatically change in this area. As stated elsewhere, it always turns out that the very thing people single out about us as being unworthy, actually turns out to be our hidden gift. Usually, people teased about not being clever, and not speaking, really take the communication area by storm. Later, it turns out that their quietness and communicative difficulties have been tuned into something else much deeper. In fact, it gives an ability to really peer deeply inside and get to the root of any matter, right into the heart of an issue and transform it.

The Mercury-Pluto  individual could be gifted at finding out secret information, thus, revealing a whole new truth. The powerful orator appears with this aspect. Pluto and they can move many with their words. The ability to use language with depth, insight, and understanding. Writing something that is powerful, profound and transformative. Perhaps helping others in the area of communication and possibly being brave enough to talk about a taboo area in life and changing others in the process.