Sagittarius: A Teachable Moment

tumblr_nh0my9U4cq1t0ucizo1_500 (1)The word awesome belongs right here. This awe in which Sagittarius regards existence has a spiritual or religious feel. The sign also represents all of those ‘teachable’ moments in life.’ No matter what has happened a Saggitarian will find its higher meaning. We often find them in roles as educators, scholars, and we connect the archetype of the wise teacher to this sign.

Any kind of knowledge into a larger pattern at work is relentlessly pursued. A Sagittarian will enjoy exploring subjects that have a wide scope and anything that aligns with their deep sense of purpose, aspiration, great need to understand life. It is about broadening consciousness and transforming it to the extent that it extends and expands the mind.

Sagittarius has been linked to the divine messenger, and it will deliver something that is far revealing in truth and amazement. The sign at its point in human evolution, shows us the heavens, its vastness, and the intellect expanding to understand. The revelation often comes as a kind of Godsend. Sagittarius can see meaning even in the smallest of events that others might not even notice. Stephen Forrest terms this as representing “ever-expanding circles of consciousness and experience.” Sagittarius sees interconnectedness and teaches us that we can learn ‘something’ from our experiences, and how things fit together in the big picture.

In this FIERY, MUTABLE sign, there is the need to become connected to something larger. The ability to make connections between the commonplace and the divine finds its home in Sagittarius. We could be entering a dark period, but then some kind of ‘sign’ appears and we see something that affirms celestial powers at work. It’s hard for Sagittarius to fathom a Universe of just cold physics and that we live in a cosmos that has no meaning. For every trial and demanding experience, there has to be a twinkling of the heavenly gates and an uplifting moral somewhere.

To Sagittarius anything is possible; they believe in the power of the human spirit. The ability to triumph. The questing element of their nature seeks out the philosophical, sagacious and expansive, and, more importantly, positive import of any event. And suffice it to say, they are always seeking something greater with an enthusiasm that catches fire, and lights up the world.

 Sagittarius we are told, is the spirit of truth; it is the sum of all Truth growing out of individual revelation. …I had a revelation; God has revealed this, that and the other to me. By Alice Bailey

Sagittarius can suffer from FOMO, or Fear of Missing Out. They tend to become depressed without something new to follow – a new quest – and its intuitive visions are always aimed toward new horizons. Overall, the conviction that life has an innate purpose is spiritually and life-sustaining. It is important for this Jupiter ruled sign to travel far and wide. Many prefer travelling, delving intellectually into novels, films and exploring books on anything and everything. Sagittarius represents the Universal Spirit, which is separate from the more individualized fiery spirits of Aries and Leo. As a Jupiterian spirit, they are related to illumination, mentoring, and guiding others to a larger purpose in life.