Saturn: Our Inner Government

We are all more than critical of the government these days with Saturn moving through Virgo. The British Government had its fair share of criticism over “petty cash” and spending expenses on unnecessary things like pool cleaning, replacement flooring, cleaners, etc. Using (wasting) taxpayers’ money, and at this critical point in time, we lost trust in the government completely (Pluto in Capricorn). Future consequences of this may show up in later critical transits approaching. In astrology, Saturn rules the Government, system, and the rules put into place in society. Saturn also rules an individual’s “inner Government”. Astrologers commonly call this inner authority. So, how well does our own inner Government measure up, when the finger is pointed closer to home?

Saturn gets bad press in astrology, and we blame Saturn for denying us a pay rise, or love life, and our self-assertion and confidence. Saturn is the boss who controls the company and docks our pay even if we are only five minutes late for work, and he won’t listen to our feeble excuses because he has heard it all before. Yet we need Saturn to curb our excesses or to keep the personality in check, and maintain the highest social conduct in any area of life. Where Saturn is placed in the natal chart is where his central office is situated and where the uppermost strict rules and regulations need to be applied.

When the government fails the rest of the chart can act on its own accord. Saturn rules the boundary of the personality. A poor government burdens the rest of society (planets in your chart). Imagine schools, work, or  ‘society’ without some form of structure and government, we would run amok at some point. We need a reality check at times, or we can expand too far too fast. Most Saturnian people do not like to be made a fool, it’s cringeworthy and destroys all respect. Saturn tries to maintain that you perform at your best and when you fall out of line, there have to be consequences. Imagine a world without consequences we would do what we wanted to do.

In each natal chart, Saturn has the job of being in charge of the sign and house he is placed. In this part of the chart, he has to wear his best business suit, cooperation style. Imagine the government turning up to work in tracksuits, they would be more “approachable” to the common man, but how seriously would they be taken. Thinking about business mentality is a good way to integrate Saturn in sign and house. As long as you don’t take it too far, too much control and organization do stifle other parts of the personality.

It takes a lot of responsibility to maintain his office, Saturn has rules to abide by. We all have a different style of government and it is harder on some planets than on others. With hard aspects in the chart, he is applying a sterner set of rules and restrictions. The planets in trine to Saturn have an inherent attitude of ease towards the inner government, they are on good terms. Wherever our own inner government is placed is where we avoid change, progress, and new concepts. It’s why Saturn and Uranus in mythology have such a big showdown. There has always been an opposition to one another with change and revolution (Uranus) and Saturn’s authority and time tested wisdom. Saturn maintains law and order against the chaos that Uranus threatens. Saturn is fearful and anxious when anyone tries to push any revolutionary change upon him. He is very resistant to anything that threatens security.

As we move around the zodiac we can see how our inner Government operates and where it lays the law, controls, and maintains. In Aries or the 1st house he governs self-image, and how he projects himself to the world. In Taurus and the 2nd house, he governs economics, resources, and our own inner self-worth, and focuses upon building upon talents and abilities to maintain our resources. Saturn in Gemini or in the 3rd house deals with education, communications, and transport. Saturn in Cancer or in the 4th house deals with housing, and family affairs. Saturn in Leo or in the 5th house deals with pleasure and entertainment, creativity, and children. Saturn in Virgo or in the 6th house deals with the “working classes,” public health, and service.

Saturn in Libra or in the 7th house deals with our relations, affairs, public, and open enemies. Saturn in Scorpio or in the 8th house is concerned with shared finances, and he is an authority on any crisis situation. Saturn in Sagittarius or in the 9th house is the law and authority on religion or publishing, long-distance travel, and what is right and wrong. Saturn in Capricorn or in the 10th house is “home sweet home” he is the head of state. Saturn in Aquarius in the 11th house is focused on parliament, managing groups, people, and humanity. Saturn in Pisces or the 12th house governs monasteries, hospitals, prisons, society. With Saturn in the natal chart, the government is most concerned with that part of the chart he is active. Some individuals hate to feel controlled by the environment or in any area of life and there is a full kick against the system.