Astrology Forecasting

2874eab4e123b8127c2591d0da061d02Astrology is linked by synchronicity with time: a natal horoscope enfolds a snapshot of a moment, within a season and correlates right down to the hour, minutes and seconds. We are all born in a certain era, epoch, and period. The birth chart is the pattern, design, or representation of a particular energy manifesting at that point in space, revealing a whole lot of information about any individual. The personality is mirrored by the movement of the planets, we could also call this a reflection of our soul purpose or simply a character description. From an astrological perspective, time is viewed as being cyclical with patterns endlessly repeating themselves through the heavens. The universe is incredibly orderly and the motion of the planets symbolically reflect our growth and development.

The cyclical nature of planetary movement portrays the nature of our lives and we realize that our own personal world is a continuous journey and the scenery is continually, and perhaps, even endlessly changing. The nativity and its transits can chart the unfolding cosmos which is moving in continual motion. Even when the big transits (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto) are moving quietly in the background of a life, the minor transits (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars) are always contacting our natal planets, and this means we are constantly evolving. Each planet moves at different speeds, and these cycles are eternally recurring.  For instance, it takes the Moon 28 days to orbit the Earth; Mercury takes 88 days to orbit the Sun, Venus 225 days, Mars 687 days, Jupiter 11.86 years, Saturn 29.46 years, Uranus 84 years, Neptune, 165 years, and Pluto 248 years.

Astrology transits represent transits of growth

According to Dane Rudyhar, the greatest emphasis on the cyclical growth of any individual should be placed on the transiting action of both Saturn and Uranus. The author believes these cycles can be seen as the hands of an astrological clock, marking out a life span in astrological time. One cycle of Uranus completing the normal cycle of an average human life (84 years) and Saturn taking three complete turns (29 years) to indicate this turn of the “life-dial”. The writer strongly holds the view of giving sufficient importance to the age of the person in any astrological forecast. We know there is usually a particular ‘crisis’ occurring at certain ages, thus shedding light on the astrological movement of the planets. Rudyhar also states that to grow we need to change while also remaining basically what one is.  We can hope to transform our expression and perhaps even change our consciousness in certain aspects of our being over the course of a lifetime. An interesting note, in his book What’s Your Astrological Age, regards the natural rhythms of our lives and for those who marry early, experience delayed adolescence and so forth, that this will be compensated in one way or another, meaning, the deviation must be counter-balanced for in some way, most of the time.

We know that as soon as a birth chart has been cast for any individual, a few minutes later – things have already changed. This teaches us the important lesson that time will always move on regardless. We can, however, reexamine certain moments and further reflect on what happened. But the planets will keep moving and make further contact with other planets in our nativity. Fate and time, in this respect, moves in accordance with its own nature. We have some control, as we are able to predict planetary  “triggers” and markers of ease and perhaps some difficulty and challenging situations. We get a general idea of what planetary growth is coming our way, but we cannot accurately predict exactly the actual nature of the experience.

In this way, we are fated to certain life experiences because the unfolding chart is predetermined at birth. However, the choices we make and the way we react to them on both an inner and outer level is what really matters. It will make a big difference to the experiences of these transiting planets and it is entirely within our own hands. The ancient astrologers would plot and observe the movements of the cosmos. Today, modern astrologers use an ephemeris that displays all the tables of planetary positions, and what is amazing is that we are all experiencing the same movement of the planets, and we share this universally, it is something common to everybody. No soul escapes the vibrations of a planet’s movements, even if one does not believe in astrology. Astrology works regardless, and a transiting planet connecting to something in our chart will focus on those issues accordingly. Such events can happen differently for everybody, it can manifest externally, and sometimes be entirely internal, and at other times, it can take a longer time to comprehend what is happening. Other events manifest almost as soon as the planet is in orb with something in our birth chart.

In astrology, there are no hard and fast rules to forecasting and much can depend on the level of consciousness of the individual, and this is not always easy to perceive. If an individual blocks or avoids an experience the lesson may be tougher (according to Jeff Green), and sometimes the energy remains stored in the psyche awaiting the next trigger at some later stage. Since we are not alone in this world, transits can also be projected onto other people or experienced in an outward event.  Life may feel strangely scripted when we read our transit charts for the past, present and future, but we will each evolve in new ways and have fresh opportunities for growth and spiritual development.