Venus in Aquarius

Venus in Aquarius seeks relationships which provide friendship, shared ideals, and common political views. Venus here has definite principles about relationships, and a deep sense of integrity makes any sort of betrayal unforgivable. Strong ethics give loyalty, tolerance, and a willingness to accept major differences within a partnership. Aquarius has strong beliefs about equality and fair play, and they believe in openness and honesty, and cannot tolerate any form of underhand behavior. Venus here is unprejudiced and race, religion, culture, land of origin, social status, does not matter, and the individual mixes with everyone. They tend to love people in general rather than narrow their interest and so befriend anyone they come into contact with. In relationships, there is little regard for social status and peer pressure. There is usually a marked affection for friends, and commonly friends become lovers and lovers turn into friends.

The person may have a detached (aloof) aura. Those with Venus in this wavy sign will often have eclectic tastes, from the antique, unique and futuristic; anything beautiful and unusual in clothing, lovers, and friendships are desirable. The preference is usually for someone intelligent, ingenious, friendly, social, and quirky. Modern and innovative pieces of art are attractive, computer graphics, electronic music, and unorthodox artwork appeal to their airy nature. They love all kinds of gadgetry and tend to have an intuitive grasp of them. The artistic vision may take the form of group collaborations, which benefit humanity. Many are futurists or history lovers and tend to be drawn to particular time frames and often possess a unique style.

The person with Venus in Aquarius has a horror of being possessed, and relationships tend to be cool and distant. They feel uncomfortable dealing with intense emotions and are appalled by displays of jealousy in others. It is difficult for them to accept their own darker emotions, so they simply cut off. Venus here insists on lots of space and independence in relationships. The person values progressiveness, and sympathies are usually expressed in broad humanitarian terms; rather than in a personal way. The love nature is more experimental. All Air signs need room to breathe and circulate, but a Venusian Aquarian is particularly fond of freedom and hates to feel restricted in a partnership. Restrictions placed on love, imply conditions. When Venus is placed in this social sign, excitement and creative stimulation are craved, and all expression is in the pursuit of some kind of “social cause.”

Venus in Aquarius is the most stable and structured on the air signs…they tend to be the least emotionally orientated…and the energy is not concerned with the individual, but rather with the needs of the group. Venus here is far more comfortable relating in groups and ideals than to individuals. Astrology: Understanding the Birth Chart