Venus in Aquarius


Those with Venus in Aquarius want to find a partner with whom they can share not just their lives, but also their ideals and aspirations about the world. Venus here places a strong emphasis on maintaining their integrity, and therefore the idea of being betrayed would be unbearable to these people. Strong ethics in a relationship manifest as unwavering devotion, acceptance of one another’s quirks, and a willingness to work through difficulties. The person is committed to a relationship based on openness, honesty, and transparency; they will not tolerate deceit of any type. As a result of their highly regarded value system, they are committed to principles of fairness and equality. When Venus is in Aquarius, they have no trouble forming close relationships with those of vastly different ethnicities, religions, nationalities, socioeconomic backgrounds, and political ideologies. Venus in Aquarius natives have a tendency to love people in general, rather than focusing their love on a select group of individuals, and as a result, they often find themselves making friends with everyone they come into contact with.

It is not rare for friends to become lovers and lovers to gradually become friends; in romantic relationships, social status and peer influence are unimportant, while friendships are generally characterised by a deep sense of attachment. Most persons with this placement are attracted to those who share their intelligence, creativity, extroversion, friendliness, and even their eccentricity. Individuals with Venus in this wavy sign are attracted to the beautiful and unusual in many areas of life, whether it be clothing, romantic interests, or friendships. Computer graphics, electronic music, and unique artwork are examples of modern and imaginative forms of art that have an appealing airiness. The inventive idea may be realised with the help of multiple individuals, which would be to everyone’s advantage, and those with Venus in Aquarius have an innate awareness of all sorts of technology and like experimenting with different devices. Many of them have a fascination with the past or the future, and they have a strong preference for one era or another, as well as a unique style. When Venus is in this social sign, those involved in the creative process are looking for new ways to be stimulated, and they are driven to express themselves in order to promote a “social cause.”

A person with Venus in Aquarius has a morbid fear of possessing others, struggles to deal with intense feelings, and is repulsed by displays of jealousy on the part of others. This  Aquarian lover  requires a great deal of independence and personal space in a relationship because the type has a hard time accepting their own darker feelings and will just cease contact when things become too heavy. The individual places a premium on progressivism and is more likely to convey their feelings in abstract humanitarian terms than in a direct, person-to-person exchange. The sheer essence of love inspires such individuals to broaden their horizons, so the idea of being confined by a relationship is likely to be off-putting. In their view, love cannot be owned because doing so would imply it can be bought and sold. 

Venus in Aquarius is the most stable and structured on the air signs…they tend to be the least emotionally orientated…and the energy is not concerned with the individual, but rather with the needs of the group. Venus here is far more comfortable relating in groups and ideals than to individuals. Astrology: Understanding the Birth Chart