2357454Let’s start at the beginning. Everybody should be familiar with this Arian source of magical potential – the personal power and the energy that stems from the physical body. Aries gives birth to FIRE and the AWAKENING of the primal forces of nature, symbolising new consciousness is being born out of the undifferentiated ocean of the unconscious.  

Aries represents all fresh starts in life, and when starting something new it brings an indivudual to the point where anything is possible and this kind of positivity and openness to life invites more creative opportunities. The ceaseless activity of this nature is reflected in the FLAME containing  masses of fiery passion and fever with this red glow emanating from them, generating a lot of warmth.

The solar Aries needs to strike out in the world and set it ablaze with plenty of spark and sass. Being a daring pioneer with a warm, carefree sense of freedom, those born under this sign possess a contagious magic. The spirit is magnetically strong, existing in the heat of the moment. There is no surrendering and, above all, they are a headstrong individual. A Mars ruled personality has a great deal of optimism and boldness, completely absorbed in their own identity. The personal energy craves excitement, and is always seeking emancipation from controlling forces.

The WARRIOR and the DAREDEVIL are their archetypes, revealing a drive within to take risks and find their individual place in the world. Naturally, they love to take the lead in any activity, instinctively forging their way through life. Aries is daring, uses initiative and enterprise, they project an image of bravery. As a fire sign, they lighten up the room with energy. Fiery people, in general, are the most trusting of the zodiac with an unabashed honesty. They have this childlike nature that is forever hopeful, always keeping the channel of the heart open. Usually, painful lessons in life are not learned until their fingers get burned.

Some people would call them hard to control with their powerful urge for outward expression, and there is a strong need to tread new ground. All fire signs lighten the darkness, leading us towards the ever expanding universe. This bright flame is often a symbol of rebirth,  the promise that life can go on no matter the losses or grievances. To love is to burn and to be on fire, and the erotic style is forthright, immediate and full of vitality and fervour.

“She’s mad, but she’s magic. There’s no lie in her fire. Charles Bukowski

Ruler Mars
Natural House First
Element Fire
Polarity: Positive
Exaltation Sun
Fall Saturn
Detriment Venus

Keywords: Self-expression, assertion, forcefulness, urgency, courage, aggression, impulse, combustible, leadership, active, idealistic, optimistic, dynamic, exciting, speed, loves a challenge, temper, fights for underdog, frank, passionate, young at heart, energetic, pushy, loud, competitive,

Season Spring
Birthstones Ruby, diamond
Metal Iron
Color Red