The Air Signs

50087-581ccf1a00f58The four classical elements — fire, earth, air, and water – are used to divide the twelve signs. The elements reflect the zodiac’s triplicity division in astrology. Each of the elements has three signs, which are also known as the triplicities. Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius are the three air signs, and they symbolise gathering knowledge, logical analysis, and the growth of theoretical understanding. The air signs rule social connections, thus they require freedom to interact with people, yet air has nothing to do with human emotions.

Air types are a sociable group of people who enjoy debating intriguing subjects and communicating in a thoughtful, funny, and perceptive style. These people are terrific listeners who like hearing a variety of perspectives. Furthermore, they are represented by either human or inanimate things, which offers us a strong indication of their civilised character, which is distinct from that of the animal kingdom. The air signs play an important role in bringing our lives into balance with reality. Man becomes more logical as a result of the air triplicity, and we learn to reason, evaluate, and make decisions, moving us further away from our more basic impulses. Many of our international leaders are air signs, which validates the air signs’ interest in social affairs, society, and political problems.

Air is the only element in the zodiacal wheel which does not contain any animal symbolism; Gemini and Aquarius are both represented by human figures, The Twins and the Waterbearer respectively, while Libra is portrayed as an inanimate object, the Scales. Air is the element which is most typically human, the furthest removed from instinctual nature; and it is the human kingdom which has developed – or perhaps overdeveloped in the last two hundred years – the function of thinking as its great gift. By Liz Greene Relating: An Astrological Guide to Living With Others on a Small Planet

Air signs are drawn to systems and a feeling of order in the cosmos, as well as rules and patterns in nature that must fit into some sort of logical order. The airy personality believes in treating everyone equally and fairly; they are humanitarian, courteous, and sensitive to others, and they seek out intelligent debates. Air and water, according to Jungian astrology, are diametrically opposed elements. The air signs have a cold demeanour due to their dispassionate reason. Though, according to psychological astrology, emotions function unconsciously in the air signs and tend to run quite deep, so there is an emotional undertow that frequently shocks them despite all of their brilliance with words and educated demeanour.

Air is airy, breezy, and elegant, and if you picture these people as having their heads in the clouds, it’s no surprise that they have trouble picking up on subtle emotional cues in their immediate surroundings. Many air indivduals are typically well-educated and try to grasp things logically rather than responding instinctively. Scholars, scientists, authors, political philosophers, journalists, and impartial people in our world are those having a lot of planets in Air. It is claimed that as the Aquarian era approaches, we will revert to mind-body values rather than heart-body ones, and human creativity and invention will have a firmer grasp on the world at large. This will result in significant societal and political changes, as well as a stronger reliance on logic and technology. Such new perspectives instantly threaten the old order on the Aquarian level, and such a change in energy signals the start of a conflict. The Age of Aquarius ushers in a massive burst of fresh energy into the world.

The swords symbolise the mind and the application of reasoning in the tarot cards. It also denotes our ability to generate thoughts and comprehend the ramifications of our actions on a larger scale. It governs our strategy, knowledge, and intelligence, and “irrational” emotions like jealousy, envy, and fury don’t always fit within the Airy sign’s ideal worldview. The Air signs are known for their abstract views, but they are also known for having their heads in the sky and being extremely idealistic. The only risk of such idealism is that it causes people to lose touch with reality. Libra and Aquarius are thought to be the signs who yearn for perfection the most, and they are usually preoccupied with concepts that have yet to materialise. Air prefers to float above the earth and need freedom and room to develop their incredibly innovative thoughts.

Mutable Gemini 

Gemini is always on the go, acquiring and disseminating data. Gemini’s airy disposition is put to good use by his or her capacity to express information. In this sign, we build our first social ties with our siblings and classmates. The neurological system, which reacts to every stimuli in the environment, is ruled by Gemini. This Mercury-ruled sign also denotes a dualistic nature, which is necessary when looking at all sides of an issue. The Geminian is prone to shifting viewpoints and rationalising one viewpoint before moving on to the next. Geminis have an insatiable need for information and like creating numerous connections between things.

Cardinal Libra 

Libra focuses its energy on bringing people together by resolving disagreements and mediating diplomatically. Libra brings order to the world via fair logic and reasoning, as well as the capacity to compare, weigh, and balance. Librans have an intrinsic sense of fairness, and their energy indicates active interactions with others. When things are out of balance, they will do everything they can to maintain equilibrium. The Libran possesses diplomatic and persuasive skills, as well as the capacity to see all sides of an argument. Many Libras are attracted to writing, particularly when it portrays “aesthetic bliss.”

Fixed Aquarius 

Aquarius establishes the theoretical foundation for social concepts and brings people together, and they have a natural desire to strive for the greater good. The airy qualities of Aquarius are manifested in their capacity to comprehend universal truths. Aquarius is a natural scientist, inventor, and innovator, and this sign signifies humanity’s brotherhood. Aquarius’ cerebral thinking paired with intuitive inspiration makes him a natural researcher, creator, and pioneer.