The Air Signs


Each of the twelve zodiac signs is assigned to one of the four classical elements—fire, earth, air, and water—that make up the cosmos, similarly, each of the elements can be represented by three different signs, also known as the triplicities. The three zodiac signs associated with AIR—Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius—represent the accumulation of knowledge, the growth of intellectual development, and the expansion of thinking and understanding. Though air has little to do with emotions, those born under the air signs are masters of interpersonal relationships and must have ample opportunity to do so. People who are more in tune with the air element tend to be talkative and sociable, with a propensity for being both witty and observant in their verbal and written expressions. The fact that their emblems (the Twins, the Scales, and the Water Bearer) are either human or inanimate gives us a strong indication of their civilised nature, as does the fact that they are good listeners and appreciate hearing different points of view. It’s interesting to compare the air element to the animal world in the chart.

It is the air signs that play a major part in bringing our inner worlds into harmony with our outside worlds. Man’s ability to reason, analyse, and make judgments thanks to air’s triplicity allows him to gradually separate himself from his baser instincts. The dedication of the air element to societal concerns, political issues, and public policy is reflected in the fact that many of the world’s most important persons are air signs.

Air is the only element in the zodiacal wheel which does not contain any animal symbolism; Gemini and Aquarius are both represented by human figures, The Twins and the Waterbearer respectively, while Libra is portrayed as an inanimate object, the Scales. Air is the element which is most typically human, the furthest removed from instinctual nature; and it is the human kingdom which has developed – or perhaps overdeveloped in the last two hundred years – the function of thinking as its great gift. By Liz Greene Relating: An Astrological Guide to Living With Others on a Small Planet

Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius are all drawn to order and the idea that everything has a place in the greater scheme of things. One with an airy personality is someone who seeks out intelligent debates, is kind, courteous, and humane to others, and believes in treating everyone fairly. Contrary to one another psychologically, air and water are viewed as complete opposites in Jungian astrology. The air signs’ capacity to think logically and rationally might give them a cold exterior at times. However, psychological astrology suggests that air signs’ emotional lives are often deeply rooted and governed by the unconscious. While they are quite articulate and appear to know a lot, they are often taken aback by the depth of their emotions.

Clare Martin says,

Married couple, played by Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner have a beautiful house and a manicured garden, the ‘right’ pictures on the wall, beautiful cars, they belong to the right social set and have respectable careers. In short, they have everything that the air signs could wish for. What they are not in control of, however, is their emotions, and the film War of the Roses is terrifying tale of disintegration of the emotions, and the film is a terrifying tale of disintegration as the emotions take over and destroy everything that have created together.

It’s no wonder that those who spend too much time in the clouds have trouble understanding the nuanced emotional cues being conveyed by those around them, given that air is, well, airy, breezy, and graceful. People who have many planets in air signs are usually well educated and tend to use rationality to solve problems, rather than acting impulsively. Academics, scientists, writers, political philosophers, journalists, and unbiased observers of events tend to have large amounts of air in their natal charts.

Astrologers predict that as we approach the Aquarian period, we will move our focus from heart-centered values to mind-centered ones, and that as a result, human inventiveness and creativity will have a firmer grasp on the world at large. This will lead to profound changes in governmental structure and social norms, as well as an impending increase in the importance of science and technology. These new perspectives herald the beginning of a confrontation since they constitute an immediate threat to the status quo upon this Aquarian realm. When the Aquarian Age finally arrives, humanity will be hit with a tidal wave of new ideas.

Swords in the tarot are symbolic of the intellect and the use of the mind. The ability to generate novel concepts and realize the far-reaching effects of our activities is also included. As it rules over our intellectual faculties, Air signs may find it difficult to reconcile “irrational” feelings like jealousy, envy, or anger with their otherwise idealistic outlook. It’s well knowledge that those born under the sign of the Air eagle have lofty ideals and a tendency toward abstraction. One potential downside of holding such high aspirations is that it can cause people to become disconnected from reality. Libra and Aquarius are said to be the most perfectionist signs, and they tend to get fixated on ideas that have not yet come to fruition. A free and open environment is essential for their creative process, which is why Air signs like to remain far above the ground.

Mutable Gemini 

The airy temperament of the Geminian is put to good use in their ability to communicate, and Gemini is always on the go in order to collect and disseminate knowledge. This is the sphere where we make our first friends, whether they be siblings or classmates. Due to its dualistic nature, vital for considering all sides of a subject, and because it is ruled by Mercury, Gemini is the astrological sign most closely associated with the neurological system. A Gemini tends to jump around in their thinking, trying to rationalise one position before going on to the next. Also, Geminis have a voracious thirst for learning and take great delight in identifying patterns and finding associations between seemingly unrelated ideas.

Cardinal Libra 

Libra’s ability to bring order to the universe stems from its focus on harmony and cooperation, which it achieves through mediating conflicts and resolving disputes with fairness and tact. It’s in a Libran’s nature to seek balance, and their effervescent nature implies they keep busy social lives. When things are out of whack, they’ll do whatever it takes to get things right again. Diplomacy, persuasion, and the ability to see an issue from every angle are all skills the Libran possesses. Many Libras enjoy writing because of the pleasure they take in expressing themselves via the written word, and because they find beauty in language.

Fixed Aquarius 

People born under the sign of Aquarius are known for their capacity to unite diverse groups of people and lay the theoretical groundwork for new social ideals due to their innate drive to help others and make the world a better place. Aquarius’ airy qualities allow them to grasp universal truths, and they share their astrological sign with the natural scientist, the inventor, the pioneer, and the brotherhood of humanity. The Aquarius mind is well-suited to the scientific, creative, and exploratory fields because of their unique ability to combine rational analysis with intuitive understanding.