Jupiter-Uranus Transits: Free Ride


Do you remember how the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in Aries got all astrologers really excited, including me? After expecting good things to happen, there was the feeling that it passed over quickly without leaving anything tangible behind. The Jupiter-Uranus period was like having a free ride for a while.

In astrology, Jupiter-Uranus transits signify a time when we crave new experiences, and it’s when we break out of monotonous situations, experience some good fortune, and unexpected opportunities.

The time can indicate a highly intuitive period, and it can also promise adventure and freedom. The cosmos is often shining favourably on us at these times, everything goes pleasantly. Jupiter-Uranus in transit might just allow us to see what we are missing and what potential we still need to fulfill. Many times they bring wonderful opportunities, but don’t expect the heavens to bestow lots of gifts. I believe it’s a marvelous time to be involved in astrology, and science and other progressive subjects.

It’s best to not get one’s hopes up and imagine they will get that lucky break, believing they are about to be dealt a favoured/wild-card from the pack, and the individual might just be dealt the joker. My own experience is nothing to write home about, but I can see that our expectations and hopes for the future are raised during this time, and it may be the spark that we need to get moving.

For others under the Jupiter-Uranus transit, it might be the only time they finally feel a sense of freedom in life and it can offer ample opportunity to escape a limiting situation. A woman with a transit of Jupiter-Uranus conjunct the I.C finally left an abusive relationship, and with a Saturn-Pluto transit also in play – beaten for the last time, struggling to survive on her own. However, being on our own and free as a bird is better than being locked up and caged with a violent husband.

Jupiter-Uranus, however, short or long in length, may represent us feeling free on some level, and it can open us up to another world or allow us to glimpse bigger and better possibilities, and we might be lifted off the ground for a while so that we can see what is out there for us. What we do with this time is entirely up to us, and it can be used as juncture in life to look to the future, the stars and be ready to grasp all opportunities…