Mars-Neptune Transits – Sensitive Actions

tumblr_n31swtyGDL1qzftc0o1_500When Neptune transits Mars our actions feel inspired and we find ourselves needing to be involved in worthy causes. Our actions are also more sensitized, and sometimes confusing, unclear and mystifying. Neptune has a dissolving or clouding effect on Mars and so our energy may feel lethargic and we are unsure of what action to take; the waters of the planet are unfathomable, deep, and contains a universality of answers.

When transiting Mars conjuncts natal Mars, our strength, assertiveness and will power lessen and we may feel quite powerless to defend ourselves. Any form of an addictive substance is best avoided at these times, and may perpetuate the problem. There is great difficulty in motivating ourselves, and getting the ball rolling, and there exists a bitterly disappointed feeling and nothing lives up to its idealized image. The transit is more difficult for those types of people who are used to being assertive, going after what they want in a direct manner and who enjoy taking action. We feel adrift in life and it might become harder to achieve our desired goals, it may also be a time we have to give up what we want and sacrifice something in life which we usually put so much energy into. All of this can easily lead to anger and frustration when we are not getting what we are fighting for, but under difficult transits, we have more difficulty in actualizing our goals at this time.

Mars is the planet of anger and signifies a planetary nature in all of us that can reach a breaking point and snap when we feel angry under a Neptune transit to Mars all sorts of unconscious rage is directed or misdirected, rises to the surface. The force of such a tidal wave of anger may take us by surprise, and we may have to sift through all our feelings about how we assert ourselves, and perhaps let others walk over us. The actions taken are usually guided by the unconscious, and the unspoken rage of many often needs to be heard, and if we have managed to keep a lid on all our unexpressed anger, the lid is forced open and all the contents pour out. Mars in a difficult aspect with Neptune represents the desire to get what we want and then needing to please others, so there are two dynamic opposite forces at work during this transit. We are often made to feel aware of our weaknesses around our Mars profile and need to examine what happens when we assert ourselves and make others feel threatened or for a more watery Mars does it strike up a fear of separation.

It is often thought that operations are more dangerous around this time, and we have to be careful with anesthesia, and things may just generally don’t go the way we planned, or we might get an incorrect diagnosis. Toxins, poisons, and unnatural substances need to be avoided by the body. Mars is a sexual planet and so we have to be extra cautious about the signals that are sent and received by the men in our lives. If we are male then this might be a time where our sexual fantasies need to be acted out. Women have to be on guard against sexual violation and assault, and this is because Neptune loosens our sexual boundaries and attracts others more easily. A friend with this aspect who often attracted unwanted sexual attention, and as Mars is a significator of men, look out for deceptive and manipulative type of men around this period, they might be experiencing disturbing psychological or physical ailments, or perhaps even going through an intensely creative period. The partner may be using addictive substances, and avoiding facing issues in their lives that they should be dealing with the unknowable, oblivious, and feeling disillusioned with everything.

Under positive aspects, we might take sex to a higher plane, but then many a sex addict has been born with this configuration so the individual learns to set some boundaries at this time. We need to respect other people’s boundaries as much as they should respect ours. Alternatively, Neptune may decrease the sex drive, and we may not enjoy the physical act of lovemaking, and feel our sexual drive has lessened. The best way to utilize this energy is to be as straightforward as possible in all dealings, but also to allow ourselves time to adjust to this new energy. This is a fantastic time for actively getting involved with dance, music and art, and photography. Our creations are more inspired and our creativity is heightened. We need to look at what best serves others and how we can use our Mars to help champion our cause. We also have to be careful that we are not misguided in the causes that we are advocating, and putting our energy into something that proves least helpful. We may be highly driven by altruistic and spiritual goals, and it may temporarily blind us. Usually, we want to help and if we haven’t taken action before, this could be a time we get involved with our favorite charity.