Mercury-Neptune Transits: The Inspired Mind

When Neptune transits Mercury we may find that our imagination is more active than usual, but along with this heightened sense of perception is also the inability to think clearly at this time. There may be many misunderstandings with the way we communicate and process information. The mind becomes more sensitive to the daily environment, and we often take in too much information, and it can make handling practical matters in our lives extremely difficult.

I have known people with this aspect natally who forget to attend to important letters, and allow what they consider to be trivialities to build up and swamp their daily lives, until it becomes unmanageable. When Neptune transits Mercury it as these times that we have trouble dealing with facts and figures, and our ideas don’t always convey well to others. There may be crossed lines and plenty confusion in matters of communicating. Therefore it is important to try and attend to the practical parts of life, and not feel like our communications, letters, and paperwork have all reached chaotic level. Under these transits we may also be accused of concealing information and not presenting all the facts.

Under this transit we will have serious trouble trying to organize ourselves on a daily basis, so we should to try and make ourselves as clear as possible. Making lists (Virgo) is an excellent way to keep track of what we need to do; otherwise we are forgetful during this time and lose track of everything. It also often indicates a period when we think we are losing our minds, and find it difficult to think straight. We are easily distracted, and drift off daily, finding it hard to stay focused on the task at hand. Our minds become scattered, and fear, doubt and confusion can take over. This transit is most distressing to those who usually have a fairly well organized and structured life. These are the type of people who place greater value on doing things correctly, on time and without any problem. There is the possibility of mental lethargy around this period, and this is why we might get behind on the details.

When transiting Neptune transits Mercury try to be careful around devices where information is stored, the data may suddenly get lost and we may lose important details, and this can be incredibly frustrating. We are likely to lose mail in the post, be misquoted, have our words taken out of context. We may lose addresses and phone-numbers that we have written down and find no way to be able to contact the person we were hoping to reach. When Neptune aspects Mercury this can be an extremely indecisive period and we don’t know which road to take, even mundane travelling may leave us feeling a little lost and out of place.

Most commonly these aspects indicate a feeling of confusion, bewilderment, and disorientation. We may be taken over by our emotional complexes and moods, and think about escaping mundane activities. We could also be lied to under this transit or deceive others, and we may be acting more timid in our communications, and find it more difficult to stand our ground and be assertive in the way we speak. Some people may take this as being ‘weak minded’; but there is a danger of being subjected to scandalous gossip or rumours.

On the positive side, this may be a time that we become interested in more spiritual subjects like astrology, dream interpretation, tarot, religion and psychic phenomenon. Our mind takes on a universal perspective, and we have easier access to the unconscious and use this time as a period of reflection. The mind works well when looking into matters of the human soul, and the inner world of images and symbols add both colour and meaning to our intellectual responses. Creative writing, and artistic thinking comes much easier with this transit. Finding artistic outlets such as painting, music, dance, acting and photography are just some of the avenues that benefit our lives, and we are also open to experiencing intuitive insights, and are psychologically open, and less rigid in some of our mental perceptions.