Sun Conjunct, Square, Opposite Saturn

Sun Conjunct, Square, Opposite Saturn

Those with the Sun conjunct, square or opposite Saturn are usually serious, cautious and responsible and if they appear to act contrary to these traits they are probably developing these qualities. Whilst the individual may feel burdened by the expectations of others, there is often a strong sense of duty and need to do what is right.

As an indicator of what we are trying to achieve, Saturn, when coupled with the Sun suggests the individual is learning to gain mastery over the material world. Often people with hard contacts between these two planets are challenged by the very need to be self-sufficient.

Wherever Saturn is placed, it often shows the burdens we must carry and the lessons to be learned. For this purpose, the Sun-Saturn individual may have faced material deprivation and a sense of not being given anything. Together with learning critical lessons in self-dependence, they need to work through their frustrations and limitation. Frequently, especially with the hard aspects, there is a strong sense of frustration felt throughout life. In this situation, until they learn to stand on their own two feet, they will always feel letdown by others, and such hard lessons are necessary for the stability and growth of the individual.

The Sun-Saturn type is usually very ambitious, but there are also those that don’t appear to have any defined goals. This is especially the case when there is a fear of failure, and need to keep their desires at a safe distance. They must learn to have more confidence in their abilities, and find a true sense of self. This is the person found in positions of authority, teaching, laborious jobs, research and anything demanding the use of discipline, organization, and effort. As well as, building a structure in their life; they can build a business, establish a security base and conserve their resources.

Although one can also associate the hard aspects with difficulty in attaining promotion, recognition and acknowledgement. Many times the individual feels embarrassed by praise and applause because they just don’t feel worthy of it. The ability to stand firm through adversity will help Sun-Saturn begin to shine in their own right.

  • The individual needs to work with their anxiety, fears and hesitation and not let themselves be overcome.
  • It is important to have a sense of purpose, a defined goal and something to work towards.
  • Furthermore, the person has to clearly define what it is they want, what’s important and what really matters in their life.

Classically, the Sun-Saturn person is powerfully self-protective tending to build a wall around themselves. Not infrequently those with the difficult aspects feel inhibited in their self-expression, embarrassed or awkward, and hold a defensive attitude towards life. Many choose to hide behind responsibilities, career, or family and never get fully involved with living. With a powerful Saturn, the individual’s environment is filled with a huge amount of isolation, burden and depressive periods. The contact has often been found in the charts of people that face many disappointments, knocks in self-confidence and hardship.

A lot of Saturn’s path involves a good deal of trial and error before they get where they need to be. Most of life demands they put in the necessary effort, time and application. Any aspect between these two planets feels a heavy internal pressure to make something out of their life. The person is prone to depression at times through building up an unconscious well of resentment, bitterness towards life and loss of hope when faced with ongoing frustration. Frustration is perceived resistance to individual will that arise from challenges in fulfilling their personal goals, and desires, instinctual drives, or dealing with deficiencies, such as a lack of confidence or fear of social situations.

External causes of frustration involve conditions outside an individual, such as a blocked road or a difficult task…the emotion is usually attributed to external factors that are beyond his or her control. Although mild frustration due to internal factors (e.g. laziness, lack of effort) is often a positive force inspiring motivation…In positive cases, this frustration will build until a level that is too great for the individual to contend with, and thus produce action directed at solving the inherent problem.

Basically, through frustrating circumstances the individual grows in his or her ability to handle the material world. They gain maturity, authority, and learn the virtue of persisting in the face of extreme resistance. A person has the chance to prove their endurance and learn to overcome their insecurities. This individual will enact this internal conflict in his or her personal life between the Sun and Saturn, and feel imprisoned by circumstances outside and on the inside. But a tough-it-out character ensures that they learn those lessons and develop more adept ways of handling struggles at each roadblock, and gaining more certainty about life.

Your sense of order and discipline could at times, prove to be counterproductive and work against your own better interests. You may feel that others (such as partners or friends) hold you back from organizing your life the way you want. The Astrology Book: The Encyclopedia of Heavenly Influences

Sun-Saturn is calling on the individual for commitment, self-reliance, and hard work. Many with this aspect if they have put in the effort, look back on their lives with a real sense of accomplishment. Being able to see themselves in a positive light may become the key to success. The person can be much too hard on themselves and needs to triumph over the constant self-doubt about themselves, and shouldn’t sit around waiting for the praise they sometimes desperately need from others which may never come. Those with Sun conjunct Saturn, Sun Square Saturn, and Sun opposite Saturn need to do it for themselves and use their talents to create something that makes them feel a sense of real accomplishment.

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