Sun-Pluto Transits: Conjunction

sun-pluto-transitsAstrologically Pluto is the smallest and most dense planet in our solar system. It is linked with the “underworld” and the dark side of the collective subconscious. Pluto reproduces and creates new forms, such as the metamorphosis of the caterpillar, which shrouds itself within a chrysalis and then sheds to become a butterfly. When facing a Plutonian type of experience there is a sense that we are losing control over our lives, and changing on all levels. For anyone undergoing a Pluto transit, it is often their innocence, which is stripped down and exchanged for both experience and maturity.

Pluto is transformational and when astrologers see a person who is about to face a Pluto transit to the natal Sun there is often the expectation that some kind of major transition is about to happen in their life. Pluto is the archetype of the transformative, evolutionary force which releases powerful energy, and we can experience a lot of life-changing events packed into a period of two to three years, and often these experiences change our lives for good.