Cancer: Lunar Magic

tumblr_nfkv6nph4S1qaqv2ro1_500Cancer possesses an intuitive world, revealing its hidden underbelly. All water signs have the innate ability to communicate in a human accessible manner about life’s important mysteries. A Cancerian possesses a unique form of lunar magic which has a deep connection to all feminine power, and the individual is often found venturing into their inner depths of their world and glimpsing the luminous pearl that radiates the light of true wisdom. Instinctive and psychic ability is Cancer’s birthright, and when anyone uses this powerful gift, there is always a somewhat superstitious element that surrounds it. The ability to instinctively feel something is not always trusted by others but the individual has always relied upon their instincts and gut feelings in life. The Moon is wonderful at evoking such inner insights in Cancer and this is shown by simply knowing something without rational explanation.

On a more day-to-day basis, there is a deep and close connection with the coming and going of the emotional cycles. On a higher level, the individual understands the mystic knowledge of rebirth and everything connected to the sands of time. This, of course, is through a pronounced relationship to the Moon – which is the measure of life, creating a rhythm of the womb, and is also the queen shrouded in mystery and ruler of the tides. The Moon has a powerfully rhythmic pull over our lives and the life of the sea. To demonstrate this point, once a year at the Full Moon, several million horseshoe crabs emerge together on the beach to mate. They have all answered the same call, from the depths of the ocean where no light ever penetrates. We all pickup and respond on a subconscious level to the Moon and feel her internal operations working its magic. Since Cancer has an extremely close connection with this luminous light, they bathe in the light of the Moon’s caressing face, which gives rise to much of their rich, profound, imaginative, poetic, and psychic realizations.

Cancerians are ruled by the Moon which is like an internal clock which holds a powerful connection to the past and this also means the possession a powerful memory that stretches back many Moons ago. Often going backward for this soul is easier than going forward, and it is familiar. The Moon seeks safety and security and will always be drawn powerfully to what is already known even to their own detriment. The Moon is where the depths of memories are stored, and some astrologers believe all of our past life is there, preserved. We never forget anything, and that everything we have ever felt and all stirrings live on through the spells of all existence.

Cancer is a watery, emotional sign and the purpose of emotions is to help us to feel close to others. The emotional world also leaves us in a vulnerable place and lunar people can feel particularly exposed and have built an outer shell to protect such sensitivity. We can all be afraid of our vulnerability. Afraid of being overwhelmed, and of losing control. We can keep emotions hidden, push feelings aside, stuff them back in. To others, emotions can be seen as irrational, unwelcome and even dangerous. However, to those born under the watery signs (Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces); they are most comfortable in this realm. A Cancer individual is particularly gifted at reading subtexts, undercurrents, non-verbal expression, and can sense when there is a different energy in the room with the use of their emotional receptivity. Most water type people can recognize emotions more by the tone of voice than what is actually said.

Moodiness is also a trademark of Cancer and this is an emotion that can last from seconds to minutes to an hour. If it goes on any longer it is referred to as a mood. Whether moody, feeling vulnerable or insecure their powerful intuition is their guide throughout life, helping them survive in a chaotic world. In some way, this sense of knowing has always been with them since they were young and it is second nature, and it is a lunar magic that cannot always be rationally explained.