Pisces: The Blurred Self


The permeable and fragile ego surface that Pisces possesses causes confusion about one’s own and other people’s identities, as well as about the boundaries between the conscious and the subconscious. The spirit is free to explore and swim in other dimensions when in Pisces. A Piscean’s presentation of self is like the water they swim in: gentle, responsive, flowing, and vulnerable. Most of Pisces’ actions are motivated by a desire to escape from the everyday world, so it’s no surprise that they frequently succumb to a profound sadness that keeps them bedridden in the dorm room of their spirit. The “small” things in life, such as doing housework, going grocery shopping, and paying bills on time, are also neglected because Pisces is too tired to care.

Pisceans are able to tune out the world and tune into whatever moves them emotionally. Many Pisces people get lost because they neglect the real environment in favour of their imagination. Lots of people believe that psychics suffer from a lack of boundaries and that they, too, must learn to set limits on their empathy in order to avoid feeling compelled to save the world. In a similar vein, Liz Greene compared this form of boundary slipping to when a person dreams of or has precognition of an accident or natural disaster, describing it as if the barriers between the Saturnian skin of the individual and the Neptunian seas of the collective psyche have dissolved.

Also, Pisces has to understand how to establish limits in relationships to avoid developing codependency issues. Fusion is a natural state of affairs in this zodiacal zone, where borders dissolve and symbiotic bonds can be created with any and all things. It is often believed among astrologers that those born under the sign of Pisces have a sixth sense for detecting when anything is off in their surroundings because they can “pick up” on the emotions of those around them. If you don’t limit yourself, you can easily slip into the realm of the psychic, but also into a realm of psychosis. Mentally ill people have been studied, and the results show that their personalities frequently shift and that their boundaries are easily crossed.

Many different skin disorders manifest in Pisces or Neptune-ruled people since the sign is so sensitive and allergic to the world around it. While it’s true that many natives of Neptune are alcoholics, it’s also true that many do not require any form of drug or alcoholic beverage to get them into the “drunk state,” despite the sign’s reputation for substance abuse. People born under Neptune have a penchant for the esoteric and a knack for finding the deeper meaning in everything they encounter. They can easily drift away into this invisible world, where they can learn a great deal and experience a profound feeling of expansion. Whenever they experience a “high” in life, it is always the result of imaginative leaps in thought. People born under the signs of Pisces and the planet Neptune are very imaginative and sensitive, constantly searching for hidden meanings in the world around them.

Pisces loves to slip into the imaginal world

Pisces is the Zodiac’s resident daydreamer because of its wide-open perception, the ease with which its individuals may tap into their own private fantasies, and the exceptional creativity they exhibit. The spiritual high that a Pisces experiences from the arts, literature, love, music, and dance is undeniable. Whatever helps them to disappear into their own head is what they’re drawn to. Anything that inspires hope draws them in. Pisceans are captivated by any activity that allows them to lose their bearings and step into another universe. By necessitating the discovery of new, uncharted worlds, they are led inevitably into the domain of the expanded consciousness, where they might experience a state of bliss that transcends space and time.

C.E.O. Carter says: The advanced nature of the Fishes, to use the phrase commonly employed in such connections, is perhaps a saint or even illuminatus, a true mystic….So does the path of Beauty (appeal); the sign produces artists, and in particular painters, as well as many poets, especially mystical poets and poets of the sea….Pisces likes to assume all shapes, and to lose itself—in them… Not content with outward changes the Piscean often experiments, through drugs and stimulants, to change his inner self as well. Or he may do this in day-dreams in which he sees himself play all sorts of parts in the drama of an imaginary life.