Uranus Transits: 6th House

When Uranus transit’s the 6th house, there can be sudden changes and breakthroughs at work. Erratic routines and daily habits change rapidly. The 6th house is an earth house and relates to work habits, health routines, and employer-employee relationships. The material side of life will need to be understood on a totally different level. If you feel unsatisfied at work and loathe your job, now is the time to break out of working patterns and try something new and untested. Frustrated feelings are hard to digest and if you are caught in a situation that makes you feel trapped then it is time to shake things up and think about future possibilities. Perhaps you decide to quit work or lose a job unexpectedly. Work may even require you to learn more about computers and technology.

If working conditions are oppressive it is likely to stir up a rebellious attitude. Perhaps there are changes in the company and it is currently shifting and moving offices. It could take time for things to settle down again and feel ‘normal’. New working methods could be introduced that require you to be more flexible and step out of your old routine. This can frighten some and be uncomfortable. The opportunity is here to try new things and introduce a more revolutionary spirit into working practice. Self-employment could be something you consider at this time or work in fields considered less traditional. Perhaps you want to do something that is completely different and it surprises everyone. When Uranus transit’s the 6th house, it is sometimes associated with health problems which appear ’out of the blue’ or are unexplainable. Conventional ideas about the body do not apply now. Alternative health methods may be explored or even a new fitness or daily routine.