Virgo: The Deep Intellect

virgo astrology

Virgo in astrology is the part of the personality, attempting to deal more effectively with our daily lives, and those born under this constellation are concerned with to-do lists, ensuring that we do the things, and they are not forgotten. In Virgo’s landscape, lists are created and jobs are constantly assigned, prioritized, ranked and streamlined to within an inch of their lives.

To live in a world without this Virgo function would be a chaotic existence. The Virgoan energy, rules over the sixth house, a sphere of life that can make us more productive and cut through the fog of a daunting workload. We become more knowledge-able in Virgo, time is utilized and information is filtered into something digestible.

A part of this individual’s world, may involve early morning and late night studies and the mastering of a subject and its techniques. A Virgoan needs everything to fit somehow, a way to put it all together, an underlying system to achieve a meticulous clarity. Virgo possesses a mind that is both sensitive and intelligent a brain that looks at things in microscopic detail, and the more vine to prune off the more fruits can be enjoyed.

virgo astrology
Virgo possesses a love of exquisite detail

Virgo is efficient to the core and loves to be of service. With the use of the deep knowledge, attained in a specialist area, they will apply all of this learning in exquisite detail. As Dane Rudyhar says, “Virgo is usually deeply occupied with their life-work, or what they consider their “mission”. They have to be active and to rely upon hard work in order to escape the inner question-marks and their everlasting state of impending crisis. Just because they expect deep interior changes – and in some cases work intently toward self-transformation they must find a definite discipline or routine of activity in order to find stability which fundamentally is not theirs…They are logicians, because logic is a mould which creates patterns of discrimination. …The Virgo type is the worker and technician…they live lives of transition, lives of apprenticeship. “

Virgo it is all about the detail and the mind paying proper attention and making improvements. In the chain of the earth signs (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn), the Virgoan part of the trinity, appears to represent productivity and keeps the whole machine running. Also, they can be all-work-no-play, selfless and imbued with a powerful instinct to serve. One may assume. no beauty is to be found in this earthy realm of the mundane, but then we only need to take a look at what has been produced by these types, to see the finely handcrafted items, writings and intricate clock-making, to witness their fine hand-work and inventive mind. Above all, Virgo is industrious, fruitful and diligent. Along with Rudyhar’s take on Virgo, the Hermetic Reiki is quite apt in detailing the difference between Gemini study and Virgo study.

 Virgo is in similar function but dissimilar in operation to Gemini. Gemini is broad but shallow, and Virgo is deep but narrow. Pretend that Gemini and Virgo are avid newspaper readers: Gemini will skim the headlines, glance at the obituaries, browse through the comics, and leaf through the classifieds, but Virgo will read the main story, go to the internet to read more about the people or issues who appeared in the article, check the blogosphere to see what other people have to share about the same story, and probably also call her friends and family to gather their input on the same issue. Gemini is broadly read but shallowly interested, Virgo is narrowly read but deeply interested. “

Thus, Virgo has always sought to attain high-quality and deep information on a particular area.