Venus-Neptune: The Artist, Lover, Muse

Venus in conjunction, square, trine, or opposition to Neptune is known as the artist’s aspect because it exhibits acute aesthetic sensibility and a great appreciation for art and beauty. When the planets Venus and Neptune align in your horoscope, it is said that you will be overloaded with sensory input, which will cause you to marvel in awe at the beauty of your surroundings. In Venusian territory, you may uncover your spiritual essence, and you may also be captured and filled with enchantment by love, art, and the beautiful world in general, all of which may have a dramatic influence on your life and affect it in significant ways. Venus-Neptune is possibly the most endearing of all the aspects, as it is particularly associated with beauty in its heightened and enlarged form, as well as with the activation of the spiritual and devotional side of one’s personality.

Venus is the planet of love and relationships in astrology, and when Neptune is involved, the most intense craving is for a soul-mate relationship. Relationships become emotionally transparent, and there is a magical and intriguing element to love that is difficult to define. When these very high ideals collide with depressing reality, it’s normal to feel disappointed. Neptune has the potential to hypnotise you with love. Indeed, amour may be a very addictive chemical for you, and its psychological effects may be similarly addictive. These transformative properties elevate romance to the level of a great ideal in and of itself. Venus-Neptune may manifest in your life via self-sacrifice in love, and you may be able to save someone by acts of compassion, leaving the other eternally transformed by the experience.

According to the psychic entity Seth,

People have written here asking about soul mates. In certain circles this is the latest vogue. The idea is an old one; it is based upon the reality of counterparts, and presents another version of the theory. But, it is treated with too much seriousness. Many of those who use the term do it to hide rather than release their joyful abilities. They spend time searching for their soul mate – but the search involves them in a pilgrimage for a kind of impossible communication with another, in which all division is lost, with the two then trying to join in a cementing oneness, suffocating all sense of play and creativity. You are not one part, or one half of another soul, searching through the annals of time for your partner, undone until you are completed by a soul mate.

A darkly enticing planet, Neptune may seduce even the most earthy of persons into its embrace, where it may cast a magical spell on the individual who falls victim to its charm. As the idea of love and associated emotional infatuation take hold, an outpouring of feelings often follows, some of which are overwhelming in their intensity. When Neptune is engaged, you are continuously compelled to raise the frequency of love in your life to an even higher level. With Venus-Neptune in your horoscope, you long for love to take you out of this world and into the realm of the divine. You are compelled to pursue the impossible, and you are unable to accept the reality that surrounds you. In this context, it is possible to conjure up romantic illusions that would ultimately lead to heartbreak and disappointment.

The Venus-Neptune is in many ways this exquisite mermaid from the deep, with her romantic vision and themes of love swirling around enchantment, and the oceanic seas are frequently where love resides. You are exceedingly dreamy, amorous, and generous, with the potential for a psychic link with lovers.The love of Venus and Neptune might appear to be magically fated, and there is always the search for the perfect match. In times gone by, love was portrayed as a powerful illness or force difficult to withstand in the sixteenth and seventeenth century. Mad-love, love-fever, and love-melancholy were all prevalent words. And Alan Oken describes Venus-Neptune personalities as slipping into addictive traps in their relationships, as well as having a strong need for beauty in all forms.