The Burden of Libra

1240936The following is an old fairy tale that is appropriate for Libra because of the sign’s inherent drive to balance and harmonise, as well as its love for symmetrical patterns.

This fable concerns a princess who is trapped on top of a polished crystal sphere. Although there are no iron bars confining her to the sphere, she is a prisoner because if she makes the slightest move, she will slip off the sphere and kill herself. Numerous princes have tried to rescue the princess, but each has failed to scale the sphere because it is smooth and slippery. While the princess is atop the sphere, she is in a perfect symmetrical state. There is no preferred direction of the sphere. We can rotate the sphere at any angle, and the situation remains the same. Thus the state of maximum symmetry is often an unstable state. Hyperspace: A Scientific Odyssey Through Parallel Universes, Time Warps, and the 10th Dimension

The sign of Libra in the horoscope bestows to us beauty, balance, form, elegance, and sophistication, among other qualities. This astrological zone contains a labyrinthine universe of beauty, artwork, and pleasure, which teaches us that the pursuit of beauty and aesthetics is the goal of the good life. The means of accomplishment are about love and creative fulfilment, and the energy is innately lovely and gentle, preferring to be diplomatic rather than confrontational in its approach. A Libran is somewhat of a debutante on the zodiac wheel, akin to one of those attractive and sophisticated ladies who air kisses so as not to mess up their make-up. In addition, the refining of the intellect is also well developed, and as a result, we discover that diplomacy and fairness occupy the mind alongside cooperation. The personality is constantly on the lookout for areas of agreement, a sense of order, perfection, and symmetrical patterns. Naturally, this all arises in the creative life, along with a need to strike a balance and to assess the pros and cons of various options.

“It is a delicate arrangement of unbalance that balance draws its charm. A perfect face proves this when one divides it and remakes it of its two left sides. It becomes grotesque.” Jean Cocteau

Deliberation is a prominent theme of the energy, which causes Libra to be in a perpetual state of indecision since they do not want to break the delicate balance of life. The individual born under this seventh sign is often intelligent, attractive, and has a lovely demeanour. Furthermore, they are skilled at assigning tasks in an equitable manner.  Those who are naturally peacekeepers find it difficult to say no to requests that are made on their behalf. Their capacity to see all sides of an issue is considered to be their biggest asset, but this may also be a liability since they can be too easily swayed by outside influences. Libra is all about finding balance between diametrically opposed things.

According to Walter H. Samuel, Libra is associated with love and the ideal, but it is the art of love that comes before sex. The Libra zone of the zodiac, according to the author, is the most lovely and charming of all, with a loveliness that has been represented throughout history in art and cultural expression. Now, if we go back to the classic legend of the princess on top of the sphere and analyse Libra’s ‘difficult condition of balance,’ we are presented with some wonderful things to contemplate in the matter of Libra’s ideal state:

Now in general, using the term “ideal”in the sense of something infinitely desirable though unattainable in the perfect degree. One is the ideal of perfect harmony, beauty, peace, love, happiness. This is the burden of Libra….In legend man has always imagined and portrayed a mythical land of divine happiness, content and beauty…sometimes it takes the form of the ideally beautiful person, such as Helen of Troy. It is in fact a representation of man’s highest idea of ..loveliness and joy. It is like a peaceful and heavenly isle in the midst of a storm-swept sea, itself untroubled…It is the Sabbath of rest, into which no toil, pain or ultimately interruption can intrude. It is a magical celestially beautiful pause between the labours and anxieties of Virgo and the strain and stress of Scorpio…Libra, we found, symbolises orbital revolution, which is a means of establishing and stabilizing the planet’s relation to its primary. Once this is established, the planet can go on revolving in its orbit for ever, the prefect relation found, may never be broken. This would preclude further change, would mean stagnation, and we know from our very limited experience, that no condition, however desirable, remains so when stagnant. The very essence of happiness in its transitory and ephemeral quality. We imagine states of prolonged , even of eternal bliss, but such a state would mean no further advance, of further life, in fact, would be a form of death, a paralysis – life frozen in perfect form, unable to move further, unwilling to go back. A stabilization of the perfection of Libra, then, would be tantamount to death…Zodiac: A Life Epitome