Pin-up Girls of the Zodiac

Whilst on Pinterest I found some interesting and colourful toons of lovely glamour ladies. As I was looking at the pictures, the zodiac signs began forming in my mind. Therefore, you have 12 Calender girls for every month. Transiting Venus is conjunct my Mars right now, and so it has been decided that it is a bit of a naughty aspect.


Aries pin-up girl is rocking her warrior skirt.

Taurus’ pin-up girl knows how to work the land, and can be extremely tactile. 

 Gemini’s pin-up girl is made up of mental energy and likes to communicate. 

Cancer’s pin-up girl has come out of her shell.


 Leo’s pin-up girl is a lioness with a big heart. Purrs

Virgo’s pin-up girl knows how to work it.

Libra’s pin-up is all graceful. 

 Scorpio’s pin up girl has that va va voom.


A Sagittarius pin-up girl knows her way around.

 Capricorn’s pin-up is ambitious, climbing the ladder of success, and so might be a little out of reach for some of you fellas.

Aquarius’ pin-up girl is a rocket scientist. 

Pisces pin-up girl is at home in the ocean.