Astrology: Opposite Signs

Question: Which Opposite signs are not so opposite? The opposite signs are deeply fascinating and confront us with this stark difference in reality. Opposites are poles apart in terms of how we experience them in the world. We could sit and list every opposite trait to Aries, and we have suddenly created Libra. However, we could also fashion Taurus and Pisces. Adjacent signs, our neighboring cousins – also contain opposite qualities.

The universe created this magic circle of every human expression, balanced by its opposite. As it progresses around the wheel, mankind is continually perfected. Dealing with opposites is the underpinning of astrology, and we are always working with polarities. As in life, where we find reality, there is unreality; where we find chaos, there is order; where we find light, there is shade. Opposite signs share similar modes and are complementary in sphere.

Libra as the first opposite sign is often what most astrologers consider when interpreting the opposition aspect. Usually interpretations involve the balancing and sharing of energy, compromising and finding the middle ground. However, we all know there still exists a tension within opposites. All tough angles in the natal chart are creative, dynamic principles. Embracing opposite signs often means valuing their characteristics, and realizing the benefits of the sign’s virtues, rather than opposing the other sign’s ideals. We sometimes feel in conflict with an opposite sign, and oppositions always embody both the individual and the universal.

Alice Bailey once commented that the interplay of opposites is the underlying theme of of the entire creative and evolutionary process. We find opposites in the Sun and Moon, Venus and Mars or Jupiter and Saturn. The main theme of opposition is to create wholeness in the personality. We all sense qualities we feel are lacking, and it tends to create this ‘wanting’ in the psyche. The opposition simply represents awareness of another reality and one we are destined to meet. A complementary piece of the self, holding the key to resolution. Mostly by including and acknowledging both sides. We possess lots of opposites in the world from psyche/matter, inner/outer, black and white.

Opposite realities are everywhere. When someone is getting married, someone else is getting a divorce. Somewhere out there a wish is being fulfilled, while someone else has just failed. Good days, bad days, we all live in this world of opposites. It can feel as if oppositions create large divides in the world. The divide between the rich and poor, for example, but this contrast is an important part of reality. We would never know wealth without poverty, love without hate and so forth. The universe does seem to embody opposites in all of its forms.

Which signs are not so opposite?

“Every sign secretly contains its opposite” By Liz Greene