Progressed Moon in 12th House

download (4)When the Progressed Moon moves through the 12th house it is usually leading us towards collective moods, transcendent states, and psychic feelings. This whole period could represent a time when we pick up all sorts of emotions, both positive and negative. Feelings can become something of an entangled mess. Moreover, we swim in emotional circles, with a profound desire to leave mundane reality. We also can become highly sensitized, and thrown into cosmic emotions and what Freud would term as “union with the divine”.

In addition, the Progressed Moon in this position has the ability to reflect many powerful, emotive and changing states. In astrology, the Moon represents the repeated, automatic way people express themselves, and often something we passively follow. Any changes involving the Moon changing house usually signifies a different state emotionally, and some different characteristic may enter our personality. In fact, it can sometimes feel bemusing watching our psychic states change all of the time, with all of the fluctuations of progressions and transits. The Progression of this lunar body in the horoscope is highly informative and is a sublime way of detailing any individual’s current state of feeling. To further explain, we will all still have our usual Moon astrological profile, but will be colored with strong overtones of this new placement.

When the Moon progresses into the 12th house, emotions will be sensitized like never before, and it might be quite hard to handle initially. Some people have described it as an emotionally exhausting time, as there is so much to process. A lot is moving around internally and this watery domain is comparable to life in the womb, and in a place of non- reality before washing up on the shore again. Water houses always tend to pull us inwards, and into our deepest musing, thoughtfulness, and contemplation. At intervals, it opens up this psychic window and we may feel it through  our dreams, and other-worldly longings.

The 12th house realm can be entrancing, supernatural, and a little overwhelming. Any of us can be presented with deep insights, but we can also be pervaded by strange moods. Moreover, we might close off external reality while dealing with the immensity of this large, emotional city taking us into dreams and fantasies. As a result, we feel more empathetic, make sacrifices, and volunteer for service work. Perhaps we feel more artistic and long to express all of these colourful, swirling, impressionable images. On the negative side, we could be inclined to escapist behaviour, and  deal with someone close to us, who is wrestling with drink or drug problems. We may feel we are doing all the giving and it can be a nebulous time in our personal life. Similarly, moods take over where we feel intensely pity filled, sorry for ourselves, and feel a sense of misfortune.

The progressed Moon reveals the cycles of our emotional lives, and when placed  in the Piscean house is highlights perceptive qualities and creative ability, and it enhances intuition. The world of symbols, hidden meanings and psychic activity opens wide, and we may receive spiritual information. Basically, the subconscious is more leaky, and it can lead down into the mystical, poetical and visionary, where we can dream up fantastical works of art, express dreamy revelations, and it reveals psychological understanding. The interpretation of this house has nothing to do with human reasoning, it defies logic, and asks us to develop spirituality, sensitiveness, along with a sense of fellow feeling.

The sleepy, subjective Moon in the sleepy subjective twelfth house will take us through a maze of undefined feelings, and we soulfully withdraw into this deep, oceanic, silent and profound hazy existence. The 12th house in astrology is a struggle containing the personal self and the higher self. It has its sorrowful qualities and will take individuals to hospitals, prisons, and unfortunate houses. It has been termed the “dustbin of humanity”. It is the realm of “self-undoing” and is considered to be the most paradoxical house. The house of the recluse, leading towards imprisonment, but it can also be more of a self-reflective condition.  Finally, it has been called a good period for writing, and this is mainly because in any “creative process” we must get into our “zone” and shut out all external distractions. To press the “off button” on the world can be highly refreshing and a great tonic to refill the soul. Naturally, with the final house on the horoscope wheel, there is a feeling of moving through a last cycle, and the overriding need to pull away into secrecy, mystery and seclusion.