Astrology Zone: Libra

c37c199dede2bee06f0bf18aa345cd28Libra in astrology, represents ideal relationships and embodies the setting sun when the solar fire is about to sink below the horizon. In psychology astrology, this is thought to epitomize the debilitation of the sun and is representational of the difficulty in self-expression and individuality for the native. The seventh sign defines the self in the reflection of others, and this can often lead to a poor sense of self, feeling incomplete or even alone.

Libra is the image of our being projected into the world of the not-self; it is the sign of the awareness of the other. The sign begins when the daylight and night are equal, symbolic of light falling and the contrast between light and dark, all eloquently revealing her most powerful trait of restoring balance, but she is also constantly wrestling with decisions.

The constellation of Libra depicts a woman holding scales and uses these to weigh her verdict, always without prejudice and being exceptionally fair in an analysis. Within her nature is an intense desire for things to be in the right proportion, and she can often be disturbed by lop-sidedness. The symbology of Libra’s glyph shows parallel roads and the obvious obstacle in the middle, which usually ties up Libra in constant unbalance. Libra is a sign corresponding to the autumnal equinox and her characteristics mirror the season of the fall; she complements the Zodiac sign of Aries with its buddings in spring, compared to the falling of leaves and there is a greater sense of calmness, mellowness, and sense beauty in the air.

Libra signifies social awareness, participation, union, and marriage. A Libran is deeply drawn to all things which bring pleasure to the mind. The Scales are in perfect equilibrium; she is all about beauty, harmony and balance as the perfect vision. As an intellectual type, she is also the most civilized and good looking, possessing style, along with a love for all things harmonious; sometimes being overly concerned with outer images. Quite often, she can be caught hypnotically under the spell of one open projection after another, for she seems to embody the perfect partner. Being in love with love from a romantic and airy side, she has always possessed a fondness for relating, but almost everyone can feel like they could be her other half.

Being such a lovely and pleasant soul, we often find that Libra hates rudeness, cruelty, and bad behaviour. A Libran is often found sugar-coating things, not wishing to offend. Often times she is caring, sharing but will have difficulty making up her mind. With Venus ruling over this zodiac sign, she is usually blessed with friends and will always try to avoid an argument – chronically. People who enjoy arguing or can’t seem to avoid them, enjoy the excitement of winning. On the other hand, Libra, being more restrained, avoids the need to express a negative attitude, but such motives are usually viewed as debilitating in the long-run.

Many astrological descriptions of Libra, class them as being exceedingly charming; she really does possess a lovely manner. A lot of interpretations refer to the individual having a strong male and female side, or, at least, a strong identification with the opposite sex, with the ability to see things from the other side. The sign seems to necessitate the need for a union of opposites, introducing the principle of relating, and addressing the balance factor more than any other sign. Mostly, Libra has been described as the “see-saw” and she can be stuck in a mental paralysis; on the whole, though, she is intelligent activity, waiting for the right decision.

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