Mars in Virgo

With Mars in Virgo, personal desires are expressed with caution, and there is very little room for taking risks.

It is more important to you to behave discreetly and in a manner that is oriented toward providing service.

When you perform a task competently, you automatically increase your level of confidence and assertiveness.

Mars in the sign of Virgo will strive to complete tasks with as much attention to detail and exactness as possible, which can lead to feelings of frustration if things are not in order.

Because of the nature of this placement, there is a high probability of working too hard, which can lead to feelings of irritability and annoyance.

When you make effective use of this energy without squandering it on pointless activities, you gain strength. In spite of this, they ought to make an effort to concentrate on being helpful rather than critical.

Another thing that gets on your nerves and causes you to take action is when you receive poor service. Arguments at work may also be present, and you may accuse others of failing to carry out their responsibilities appropriately.

At work, you are very particular and will do things in the correct way. However, you have a tendency to be overly rational, and you can be critical in your evaluations of the capabilities and potential of others.

Mars in Virgo you are not the type to flail around in a helpless manner when faced with a situation in which something needs to be done.

On the other hand, you do not always request the things that are rightfully yours. In addition to this, you are extremely passionate about the facts, and you may aggressively assert that you are always right.

Nevertheless, you are in a position to assist others in organising their lives and demonstrating how to take the appropriate actions.

A pronounced ability to perform routine tasks in a methodical and productive manner over and over again is also present.

Virgo has a natural ability to contain the energy of Mars, but you put in a lot of effort for everything and will frequently require an active outlet to release any nervous and high-strung energy you may be carrying.

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