Carter’s Solar Aspects

I thought I would highlight an astrology book that is much loved in my collection. I have mentioned it loads on this website. The Astrological Aspects by Carter. It is my fave astrology aspect book. Here you can read about the Solar aspects and pay homage to the brilliant C.E.O Carter. Sun-Pluto is not included in this, for it was not yet discovered at the time of the writing.


Sun-Moon – inharmonious: The active and passive, present and past, conscious and unconscious, light and dark, objective and subjective…In harmonious aspects incline to throw life into two portions, antagonistic or at least disjointed. This dehiscence will pervade the entire being, the outer reflecting the inner. ..A profound though not always an acute conflict is indicated in the psychology, there being a distinct cleavage in the life, so that one side of the nature is divorced from the other.


Sun-Mercury: These two are never more than 28 degrees apart, so that only the Conjunction and parallel aspects can occur. It has often been stated that a close Conjunction is of an undesirable nature, the mental faculties being liable to suffer detriment… I would suggest that the real loss is one of flexibility and impartiality. The native is inclined to be dogmatic, stubborn and sometimes conceited, with little mental receptivity.


As regards character, the Conjuntion indicates a warm-hearted affectionate disposition, and it is also highly conductive of content and cheerfulness. It is sometimes said the conjunction inclines to effeminacy; but it is more true to say that it denotes an inclination towards artistic pursuits and refined conditions, and such a tendency might be considered effeminate by those of coarser fiber.


Sun-Mars harmonious: Here is usually a hardihood of body, though the physique is often spare and wiry rather than heavy and powerful. There is quick decision, alertness and ability in all matters appertaining to objective problems. Nothing is too much trouble; the native likes to exercise his powers both physical and mental, and he is never happy unless doing something.


These are commonly supposed to confer abundant wealth and success; but their action seems actually to be predominantly intellectual. They confer mental powers above the ordinary, and an inoffensive, quiet, benevolent disposition. In so far as they bring success they do so by means of intellectual achievement more often than any other way; but they do not care for competition and hardships of industrial life and prefer to live peaceably. It is a good aspect for the sea and all things connected to there with, as well as for law, publishing, religion, foreign lands, and all other matters of the 9th house.


If the harmonious aspects sometimes seem to bring painful conditions, it may also be said that neither are the inharmonious aspects entirely evil, although they have a bad name and are sometimes spoken of as if they denied the native almost everything desirable….The difficulty is always, at heart, one of self-expression. Either proper expression is denied or delayed until it’s almost too late to serve a purpose, or lest the native tries to “force the issue” and blunders disastrously. Sometimes the issue is shirked and there is shyness or timidity, which may be hidden behind blatant boastfulness.


Sun – Uranus inharmonious: The native may be individualistic to the point of anarchy. Furthermore, the self-will is likely to be extreme and judgement is perverse, refusing, when the self-will is aroused, to take account of the most patient and important facts. Sometimes the afflicted Uranus person is, as it were, impelled from without to work his own destruction or injury. Vanity, morbid sensitiveness and wrong headedness of every kind characterises this class of aspects; if the native is a genius, it will rob him of the many rewards of genius; if he is capable, he will still, by some foolish act, destroy the fruits of his own work, perhaps after much labour and effort. Even if he is personally amiable, he will be stubborn, misguided and fickle.


If his ambitions are of a pseudo spiritual kind he may fall victim to “cultism.” He may be betrayed when his emotions have been stirred, by actual dope or drink or by plausible rhetoric. Those who seek “spiritual powers”  as they are called, who wish to “get in touch with the Masters” by stunt exercises, seek to become “great healers” and otherwise succumb to delusive claptrap that is now heard from all sides of edification of well intentioned but mis-guided people – these are commonly found to have Sun-Neptune aspects.