Cancer and the Water Signs

c81964f907025f3546ec8a3f73ca57b1The sign of Cancer is attached to security and feels the need to protect and control what is their own, whether family or country. In many ways, a person born under this constellation, carries their home with them always, seeking solace in the familiar and traditional, feeling greatly attached to what is known. Cancer is the symbol for cosmic protection and the archetype of the divine feminine. She is containment, reflection and fluctuation. As a creature of the sea, born with all of the emotional fluctuations of the lunar tides, she is somewhat regressive, psychic and inward looking. Cancer, being a water sign, is the type of individual that constantly needs to know the emotional and psychological “why” behind everything that happens.

Many water women can be temptresses, possessing a bewitching nature of the unconscious. The sirens of feeling (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces) give rise to the most delicate, receptive and vulnerable aspects of our being – feelings and emotions. However, they can also struggle with jealousy and possessiveness, and those watery moods have a way of dampening the whole atmosphere. Because the water types feel so keenly, such individuals must find a way to protect their psychic and emotional vehicles. A Cancerian, for instance, will build around them a feeling of safety, a shell of reserve guarding them against the unknown, strangers, and anything new.

The soul born under this sign absorbs experiences and embeds them deeply within. Such protection is also often viewed as a limitation. The archetypal energy can point to somebody being agoraphobic, withdrawn, defensive, deeply needy and the horizons get narrower and narrower. Some Cancerians, usually need to take a look at longstanding emotional and psychological barriers that are forever holding them back. They are challenged by issues to do with family bonds, memories, love, obligation and emotional ties. It is often difficult to break away from the magnetism of the past.

It’s believed Cancer’s greatest weakness is subjectivity, but she usually exudes an aura of strength,  emotional dependability with a well-developed feeling nature. The ebb and flow of the pattern in life will involve them being able to govern the emotions, rather than being subconsciously overtaken and falling deep into spells of brooding, depression, harbouring wounds, and being habit-prone.

The inner whisperings of those strong internal emotions in Cancer often pervade, as the watery domain rules over the hidden unconscious. The unlit side of our being is symbolic of the realm of personality that often overwhelms us with emotions, with moods swinging from side to side. Slips of the tongue, dreams, fantasies, psychotic disturbances and so on. The unconscious has also been referred to as the “other side,” and magical place. Water signs are always pulled back into the deep waters of the unconscious, making the watery types far more fragile to the undercurrents of the world and often plagued by fear, anxiety and oversensitivity.

All water types need people that are emotionally available, for they need some kind of response. The Cancer individual can “see” and “know” more than the average person, and feels deep impressions within pregnant waters. The instinctive drive and unconscious is closer to the surface, as she is ruled by the Moon. According to Jung, Cancer signifies resurrection, because the crab sheds its shell but tends to hide in its shell and cannot be attacked. On the positive side of things, it also signified caution, foresight, and knowledge of coming events.