Mercury in the 12th House: Mute Ariel

Question: How do you find this placement? It feels like the mind wants to emerge from the sea into the rational. I have difficulties expressing my thoughts and emotions effectively. What do you think?

What a great way to describe such a placement, and it feels exactly like this. The struggle and the general floundering within the communication realm. Mercury must flail and stagger clumsily through water. It can make you super-sensitive and so you just want to swim back to your inner ocean. Often to the extreme point where you want to retreat back into your own world, and it can result in a massive loss of confidence.

Most vividly, you may have had the feeling of being bottled up verbally, similar to Ariel in The Little Mermaid. The uncanny similarity to a fish on land trying to communicate seems to echo just how frustrating it all is trying to convey your feelings. It is, however, your Dharma to express Mercury in the 12th house in whatever fashion you choose, and so you must find your own voice. Many of us with communication difficulties have found release through writing, maybe expression through art, photography, or other Neptunian areas. We are told by astrologers that we are gifted with a vivid and strong imagination if that’s any consolation.

According to Donna Cunningham:

The inability to communicate and the feeling of being misunderstood are miserable to live with, but like all skills they get better with practice. The alcohol treatment center where I’m teaching astrology takes communication very seriously, because they know how handicapped their patients can be without it. One of the most intense class sessions we ever had was about Mercury. When I had presented the basic idea, the students got involved in a very heated discussion of the problems various class members had in communicating. In order to analyze the problem an individual has in this area, you’d look at Mercury and its aspects and also the third house and any planets in it. For example, one of my students at the center has Mercury, Mars, and the Sun conjunct in Aquarius in the twelfth house. He is bright, but has a great deal of trouble getting his ideas across. Then, too, he’s a rebellious nonconformist who is angry with society for not living up to his ideals. His thoughts center on past injustices, and he’s unable to look at the part he plays in his own trouble. Out of resentment and disappointment, he began drinking heavily.

Things go much easier once you find the right expression, perhaps medium for Mercury in this most sensitive of houses. You’ll mostly run into trouble trying to express this kind of Mercury too superficially, so tune into those deeper insights, and blow us all away with what you really can communicate.