Scorpio, 8th house, and Pluto: Shedding

large (52)Question: What is all this talk of layers upon layers of shedding with Scorpio, 8th house, and Pluto. Shedding What?

All of this Plutonian energy does involve a lot of shedding which is the perfect blending of death and renewal. The snake’s sloughing off the skin universally symbolizes resurrection, regeneration, and creativity – dying again to be reborn – when one form no longer fits.Those who are confronted with Pluto can compare it to shedding the clothes that no longer fit.

Another example is crying those unshed tears, silent ones at times. Scorpio is probably the most courageous of the water signs, and many people with this symbol powerful in their horoscope will often find a theme appears throughout the life of throwing things on the ceremonial fire, cleaning house, and burning bridges. Thus, there are a lot of goodbyes, releasing the sorrow beneath the surface. Maybe it’s tending to some unfinished business unless we want to carry it to our death bed.

Casting off the old always entails endings and new beginnings, leaving old shells of existence and moving into a new world. A good way to imagine it is splitting the life into a “before” and “after”, it is also the absorbing of a new reality. In another sense, it can be about shedding pseudo-selves, and we tend to lose a lot in this ‘black hole’ as it always involves losses. All the components of Pluto’s meaning align to patterns of losing innocence, belief, and hope. At the same time, shedding always implies something new is being reborn out of the ashes of the old. Shedding is a natural process of life, from skin and hair. In death, we shed our physical body and when we are real, real old it will be perceived as a welcome release. Without endings, some of us would remain stuck in old situations.

Plutonian experiences might be about losing all the crusted stuff you’ve accumulated weighing the soul down. It’s like shedding dead wood. It’s a loss of illusions we mostly deal with. Essentially it is the lightening of the spirit, it’s a magical thing. We remove things no longer working, things that keep us locked up inside. It especially involves any pain which we have been holding onto for too long as this is something needing to release in order to free the emotional self. Some very profound occurrences take place when we put down the heavy baggage, let go, forgive, and move on. Or to put it all another way: Growth is always a loss. Anytime you’re gonna grow, you are going to lose something. It is this inevitable part of life that can be both life-giving and destroying at times. Sometimes we must close the door to everything familiar. Pluto is the underworld god, so we must face the finality of life, everything can be shattered. Sometimes it is the ivory tower of our life and expectations, the dream castle that is left in ruins, and we are left with permanent scars. One must accept goodbyes and lost of pipe-dreams as part of life, finding new strength to pick up the pieces and start over.

The 8th house has often been pointed out by astrologers as indicating divorce, fighting with partners over material concerns. Though, the real loss behind it all, if we are completely honest with ourselves, is coping with the death of ideals. The result is emotional casualties, bitter disappointment and the closing of a final chapter. Life always beckons us to purify, evolve and embrace new chapters. In this necessary process we may undergo a radical makeover especially under Pluto trines, changes happen more easily. During a Pluto transit, we often shed an old image, dress in a brand new way, hair completely restyled or cut off. Some people chuck everything away, they relocate. The transitional state in-between can be the most uncomfortable as we prepare for the shedding of old selves readying for the birth of a new one, yet to be realized. I have personally felt this as the most painful aspect of the whole experience.

God, we will all face a stage in our lives when old values and goals no longer make sense. We reach this turmoil, undergo inner change – hopefully find our real passion. Some folks will undergo changes smoothly while others repress inner desires, but at some point we are all plunged into an intense period of growth and we eventually change. Sometimes with Scorpio, Pluto and planets in the 8th house, they symbolize our personal brooding, volatile emotional cocktail. It is the place where explosive desires erupt and it’s also the realization that even in our bleakest depression with the gathering darkness there is still much of life to be lived, something bubbles within. Thomas Merton said we must cross the abyss that separates us from ourselves. Essentially “shedding” can be about freeing old energy patterns. Sometimes it is the negative beliefs we hold about the Self. We may believe we are ugly, stupid or worthless. It can mean discarding people, jobs, obsessions and habits that no longer feel right. Removing the masks, pulling splinters out of the skin, cleaning the wound and allowing it to heal. We might shout “good riddance” to old demons, get rid of acidic emotions that eat us alive. We can see from this, then, that the function of Plutonian energy in the chart will help us dispose of parts, anything dragging us down. Pluto is an act of digging deep no matter how excruciating, loosening emotional vices and entails letting go, with all of its many dimensions.

Shedding allows the spirit to shine forth more brightly than ever. It is the feeling of lightness and being alive not being constricted by our old skins. In some way, we grow into deeper, richer, meaningful selves. We also go through so many losses, youth can be one of them. Everybody must change and transition to this other phase. If we are too strongly attached to an old image of ourselves then we may have to find a way to let this new figure into our lives. In most respects, this can mean realizing there is no way back into that previous life. Scorpio, the 8th house, and Pluto are all archetypal energies signifying the fire of transformation leading to a rich perspective of life and life’s cycles. Reborn with a maturity and self-acceptance, gaining a spiritual sheen. It might seem relatively simple to shed the things that have only brought us pain, however, there is still an element of grieving, but it is important to find release and to shed what is no longer working in our life.

Scorpio is a serpent. To an initiate of the mysteries, this is code for sacred power. In cultures throughout the ancient world, snakes and serpents were revered as the guardians of immortality, shedding their skin when they got old, and thus rebirthing themselves. By Dana Gerhardt