Scorpio, 8th house, and Pluto: Shedding

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Question: What does all this discussion of shedding deeper and deeper layers have to do with Scorpio, the 8th house, and Pluto? To Shed What?

The shedding that occurs as a result of all this Plutonian energy is a beautiful synthesis of death and rebirth. When the old skin no longer fits, the snake sheds it, representing rebirth, renewal, and creativity. Those who encounter Pluto may find it analogous to letting go of clothing that no longer fits. Scorpio is the most brave of the water signs, and those born under this zodiac symbol often find that throwing things on the ceremonial fire, cleaning house, burning bridges, and severing ties with old friends are recurring themes in their lives. Thus, there are many final goodbyes, which serve to bring to the surface the sadness that has been buried. Perhaps it’s taking care of loose ends before they metaphorically die so that they don’t have to worry about them in the next phase of their lives.

Whenever you let go of the past, you open the door to a brand new chapter in your life. It’s like absorbing a new reality, and it may be visualised by thinking of one’s life as having a “before” and “after.” We lose a lot of ourselves in this “black hole” of Pluto since it always includes giving up on false selves. Loss of innocence, belief, and hope are common themes throughout Pluto’s symbolism. At the same time, shedding always suggests something new is being reborn out of the ashes of the old. When we’re really, really old, death (shedding our body) will feel like a relief because it means we can finally get rid of this heavy body. Without endings, some of us might remain caught in past situations and unable to move onto to another reality.

The purpose of a Plutonian journey could be to shed the layers of accumulated muck that have gathered on your soul. Simply said, it’s like getting rid of old, dead wood. Most of the time, we have to deal with a disillusionment, but it’s really that it lightens the heart and lifts the soul. We get rid of the dead weight, the things that are keeping us locked up inside. In particular, the long-repressed pain that has been keeping us from fully liberating our emotional selves must be let go of. When we drop the heavy load, forgive, and move on, wonderful things can happen. To rephrase everything another way: A price must be paid for growth. When you make progress toward your goals, you inevitably sacrifice some aspects of your current situation. This constant condition of existence has the potential to be both life0giving and destructive. There are moments when we have to close the door on everything familiar. Pluto is the god of the underworld, thus we have to accept the fact that death is inevitable and anything can be destroyed. Dreams and ideals, the “ivory tower” of our lives, might crumble at any moment, leaving us with permanent scars. The only way to move on from heartbreak and the shattered hopes and ambitions it brings is to understand that these things are inevitable.

A common theme amongst astrologers is that conflicts involving money or possessions fall under the 8th house’s domain, which is why this house is often seen as an indicator of divorce. But if we’re being totally honest, the real tragedy here is having to come to terms with the loss of ideals. As a result, there will be emotional losses, deep disappointment, and the end of a chapter. In order to move forward in life, we must continually purge, grow, and open ourselves to new experiences. When Pluto trines planets, it’s easier for transformations like these to take place, thus we may go through a major transformation as part of this essential process. We often radically transform our appearance during a Pluto transit, we often shed an old image, dress in a brand new way, hair completely restyled or cut off. . Leaving everything behind, some people uproot and move under Plutonian transitions in their lives. The discomfort of change occurs during the period of transition, when we are laying the groundwork to shed our old selves in preparation for the birth of our future selves. As someone who has gone through this, I can say that this has been the most painful part.

There comes a time in every person’s life when their prior beliefs and aspirations no longer make sense. As a result of this internal conflict, we hopefully grow and discover our true calling in life. While some people have an easier time adapting to change than others, we are all forced to endure transformation at some point in our lives. When Scorpio planets, Pluto aspects, and other planets placed in the 8th house, it can represent a potent mix of our own brooding, explosive emotions. It’s the source of our most fervent yearnings, and it’s also the knowledge that even in our darkest moments of sadness, with the night drawing in around us, there is still a lot of life to be lived. A chasm exists between us and ourselves, and Thomas Merton argued that we must traverse it and cross the abyss that separates us from ourselves. . When we talk about “shedding,” we may really just be talking about releasing stagnant energy patterns. Our own limiting ideas about ourselves can be a major source of distress at times. It’s possible that we’d rate ourselves as unattractive, stupid, or completely worthless. If something doesn’t seem right anymore, you might have to let go of it, whether it’s a person, a job, a passion, or a habit. Masks off, splinters out, wound cleaned and bandaged, and healing can begin. We may wish to say “good riddance” to old demons and purge ourselves of toxic emotions. As a result, we may deduce that the Pluto’s role in the horoscope will aid in the elimination of unnecessary or burdensome elements, anything dragging us down. Pluto is a multifaceted process of letting go and releasing emotional vices, no matter how painful it may be.

When one sheds their outer layers, their inner beauty becomes more apparent. The liberation from the shackles of our past selves is the sensation of weightlessness and vitality. One way or another, life helps us develop into more than we were before. We also suffer numerous other losses, including the potential loss of our youth. Change and moving into the next phase is something everyone must do. We may need to find a means to accept this new persona into our lives if we are too attached to the previous one. There may be no turning back to the old way of life after this. The archetypal energies of Scorpio, the 8th house, and Pluto all symbolise the fire of transformation, which can lead to a more full understanding of life and its cycles. Having been reborn with wisdom and self-acceptance, one’s spiritual stature is enhanced. Getting rid of the things that have caused us nothing but misery may seem like an easy task, and perhaps it is, but there is still an element of mourning involved, and yet it is crucial that we find some form of release and let go of what is no longer serving us.

Scorpio is a serpent. To an initiate of the mysteries, this is code for sacred power. In cultures throughout the ancient world, snakes and serpents were revered as the guardians of immortality, shedding their skin when they got old, and thus rebirthing themselves. By Dana Gerhardt