Moon-Neptune: Forget the Past


Question: Does Moon-Neptune aspect make you forget the past? 

An aspect involving the Moon and Neptune will not encourage you to “forget” about the past.

You, as a Moon-Neptune type, might experience a sense of melancholy for the things that have been gathering dust in the cellar of your home life, and you might even see a mystical quality in those things.

It is possible that significant aspects of the Moon-Neptune aspect include becoming swept up in an addiction to a substance or alcohol at some significant point in your life or losing touch with reality.

Both of these outcomes could be the result of the Moon’s influence on Neptune.

You are overpowered by a profound sense of sadness, loss, and despondency, and as a result, you might feel the urge to obscure the truth a little bit.

Despite having such a nebulous history, you have a chance at redemption.

Floating on the Ocean of Emotion

Your Moon-Neptune aspect, in general, makes you extremely sensitive to any and all emotional shifts that occur in other people, and you prefer a more quiet inner space in which to process these changes.

Because of this aspect of your nature, you may have a tendency to be emotionally drawn inwardly; however, there is no compelling need for you to maintain constant social interaction.

People who have exceptional amounts of water in their chart frequently feel the need to turn off the phone, retreat into their own world, and “dial it back” a little bit from reality.

When combined with the Moon, the Neptune principle can cause emotional exhaustion and leave you feeling “wide open.” You have  poor psychical and emotional boundaries. Your capacity for empathy and compassion toward other people grows as a result. Whether Moon-Neptune refers to escaping the past, forgetting your memories, or covering recollections with dreams, fantasies, and illusions, each of these interpretations can be seen from a variety of contradictory perspectives. Some astrologers think that you can forge a strong connection with your family and find inner calm in the confines of a loving home. One more reading of the aspect presupposes that your mother is an incredibly unhappy person who is also, most likely, trying to play the role of a martyr. As a necessary component of your psychological development, you must satisfy your desire to free yourself from emotional dependence. This over-tuning to your mother’s frequency may have caused you to feel an overwhelming sense of guilt all the time, or it may have caused you to experience strange feelings whenever you are transported back to the past.


Because the Moon and Neptune are aspected in your horoscope, you need to take some time away from the demands of everyday life in order to access more profound levels of creativity, imagination, and inspiration. When the doorway between the inner and outer worlds becomes more difficult to access, there is a pressing need to reacquaint oneself with something that is beyond the personal. You always want to keep your own little piece of heaven and stay in this supportive, protective, and oceanic ecstasy of feeling as long as you possibly can. Because being “too sensitive” can make you feel disconnected from the world around you, you get the impression that they don’t belong here. The best way to strike a healthy balance is to maintain contact with the outside world while also making room in the evening for creative thought, appreciation of the arts, and quiet reflection. You are aware that you are fragile and that your emotions can be overwhelming at times. You are adrift in a psychic sea, moving in an unpredictable manner. The Moon-Neptune individuals I know who are the most emotionally stable channel this energy into art, psychology, and the interpretation of dreams, while those who are less emotionally stable or healthy may turn to mood-altering substances.


It is possible that you will experience feelings of emotional overpowering as a result of this Moon-Neptune aspect in your natal chart. It’s probable that you’d rather concentrate on your family and move away from your hometown or other places that are too familiar and remind you of sad times in your life. If you are a Moon-Neptune, you may find that incredible healing occurs when you create your “ideal” home away from toxic environments. However, it is important to avoid becoming overly perfectionistic and disappointed because nothing can live up to an ideal; instead, you should try to make the most out of the space you have available to you at home. There are many ways to heal some of that pain without erasing it or casting illusions on the past, but some of this may have been necessary to do in order to protect yourself. There can be a truly traumatic reason for wanting to forget the past, and there are many ways to heal some of that pain. However, there are also many ways to forget the past. Therefore, you must read carefully when you visit your past, and search for ways to make yourself emotionally stronger in the here and now.