Aquarians are learning to become conscious of the group life, of which they are a part, and introduce new revolutionary ideas, usually through unorthodox methods. The underlying function of Aquarius is to question the status quo. One of the most important keywords for this sign is freedom, not just for themselves but for all humanity.

Aquarius symbolizes the part of our consciousness which recognizes, whenever anyone’s basic rights are denied, and it is virtually impossible for them to ignore the injustices that exist. Although Aquarians may seem aloof and emotionally detached, their unpossessive attitude is just what they need in order to grow and develop. Freedom of movement is important; air needs space to move about, to ensure it stays well ventilated. Aquarians like groups, but hate to feel crowded.

Aquarians are self-controlled and are often embarrassed by displays of emotion. This is characteristic of all the air signs. To air what is understood by the mind is safe because it allows them to draw rational, logical conclusions. Those born under this constellation have the gift of analysis and logic, and have the ability to discuss things rationally, and often brilliantly. New forms of thought and communication come from Aquarius and it is the most inventive sign of the zodiac.

Freedom and equality are part of their ideology; they are free-thinking visionaries and are often found at the forefront of any movements for change. However, because Aquarius is a Fixed Air sign, they do experience difficulty in letting go of old ideas and opinions. Once they become fixated on an idea they rarely change their mind. Aquarius is given to unusual mental patterns, perhaps an erratic brainwave activity, that enables them to instantly latch on ideas at lightning speed and to suddenly have the answers they are looking for.

The Uranian face of Aquarius is an anarchist, yet the Saturnine side believes in authority. The result of this paradox is that Aquarians often try and impose their unusual ways on other people, against their will if necessary. It is up to them to establish order out of their own chaos, to take charge of their own unconventional instincts and to define and channel them. Ultimate Astrologer

The Aquarian’s ideals are often ahead of their time, but sometimes the ideals they hold, compared to the reality of human beings usually collide. Being an air sign, they are more of an ideas person, and often they have very little understanding, of the lower forms of human nature. Aquarians identify with the group rather than the individual. This is why the sign is linked to such causes as social work, education, politics, and fighting for human rights.

Aquarius is forward-thinking and they want to set the world to rights. The highest manifestation of the Aquarian spirit is harnessing the power of the individual in the service of the greater whole. Aquarius is a great lover of the truth. Their sense of fairness and democracy is often directed toward improving people’s lot and giving them more rights and greater freedom, it reaches out to its fellow human beings. Thus, the Aquarius’ symbol embodies the spirit of humanity, progress, and change.