Mars: A Murderous rage!

Today, we will delve into two cases from the 1980s, where individuals embarked on a violent spree predominantly involving their own family members. Please be advised that the details may be unsettling for some readers, and if you are sensitive to such content, it might be best to refrain from reading further. Interestingly, in both cases, the same astrological transits aligned with their natal Mars positions at the time of the incidents, exhibiting striking similarities. It is both intriguing and unsettling to witness such parallels. I stumbled upon these charts randomly while exploring AstroDatabank, initially suspecting they might share the same birthday. However, upon closer inspection, I discovered it was not the same birthday but a two-year gap between the murders. Despite this, the transits affecting Mars were identical. This discovery has sparked my curiosity, and I am now ready to unravel this further to glean insightful observations.

We’ve all had those moments when anger bubbles up from the depths of our beings, not necessarily leading to a spree of chaos, but unleashing some serious rage. Those fiery emotions often get stirred up under the influence of transits to natal Mars. There are occasions when we might encounter anger from others or find ourselves vulnerable to attacks, accidents, or various forms of injuries.