Venus in Pisces: Otherworldly Love

Venus in Pisces indicates a romantically motivated individual who is sensitive and caring, but they also have high expectations of love partners and are often let down because of it. They have the ability to flow into and meld with the feelings of others, even if those others are unaware of this happening. This can lead them to enter into relationships that don’t fulfil them or their dreams, to overlook the problems in their current relationship, or to fall in love with someone they believe they can “save” or who will “rescue” them. In love relationships, they frequently experience telepathic connections with another, reflecting a deep yearning to break down the barriers between themselves and the people they care about.

Those with Venus in Pisces are driven by an intense yearning to experience emotional oneness in romantic partnerships. The tendency to prioritise others in relationships can make them vulnerable to disappointment when those closest to them fail to live up to their own high ideals. The Venusian Piscean’s sense of self-worth and safety are at risk if they allow others to take advantage of their empathy and compassion. Some people born with Venus in Pisces have an extraordinary capacity for empathy and altruistic, real devotion, but they also have a tendency to mistake melancholy and self-sacrifice for love. When Venus is in Pisces, these individuals are kind and forgiving, but they lack self-control and are easily taken advantage of. Ask Venus and Pisces, and you’ll hear that real love entails self-sacrifice and the belief that your partner will do the same.

With Venus in Pisces, a person’s sensitivity to aesthetics heightens, and they may come to appreciate their own intrinsic talent for music or the arts. It gives them great pleasure to create believable fictions that bring comfort to others who are in desperate need of it. The presence of uplifting and beautiful artwork brings these people immense joy. Weh Venus is in Pisces gives a woman an ethereal, fragile aspect, and they have an easy way with people and may make friends quickly, but they can also get wrapped up in their relationships to the detriment of everything else in their lives. Although Piscean planets have a well-deserved reputation for love and tolerance, they also have a bad rap for being easily swayed by their feelings.

With Venus in Pisces, they may find themselves attracted to those who are in need or dependent on them. This could lead to partnerships that are built on mutual reliance. Venus in Pisces needs to realise that charity alone won’t bring her joy, and this is a profound realisation. It’s crucial to have faith that the other person would love them for who they really are. Having such a big heart makes them more resilient and able to love without conditions. As with any relationship, they’re bound to be let down at some time in their romantic pursuits. Still, Venus in Pisces facilitates others’ realisation of their own ideals and aspirations, which can lead to the evolvement of relationships that are truly soulmate in nature.

Venus in Pisces: She is a specialist at taking on alcohol or drug addicts, a-convicts, violent spouses, all manner of “undesirables,” with the firm belief that she can rescue them. Two ways of thinking are at work here: First, this Venus is fundamentally compassionate, and second, she is close to and sensitive to her own phantasms and excesses and recognizes their manifestations in others. Naturally, there is inherent danger in this sort of St. Bernard attitude—many people will not hesitate a minute to take advantage of this generosity and selflessness, and will pull the unwitting Piscean into their misery with great joy. And it’s then that we discover the Venus/Pisces as victim or martyr. We see this Venus enmeshed in complex psycho-dramas, too easily becoming a link in a chain reaction of repeated neurotic behavior, nourishing and nourished as well by all types of psychological dependencies. As altruistic and noble as she sets out to be, Venus in Pisces also needs lots of resolve and good judgment, personal assurance and discipline, and nerves of steel to live out the role of lifesaver without getting caught in her own net. Desire and Design: A Look at Venus and Mars in Action

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