Pluto: A Brand New Way of Looking at Things: A Key to Post Traumatic Growth

4d47eebb6e496466662d09c0099f2881Pluto is commonly called: the dark planet. We link Pluto to PTSD and the kind of events that shake us to the core of our being. The function of Pluto involves a crisis and this is one of the very things to really stir who we are underneath in order to see life in a completely different way. When something changes for good we know things will never be the same again, and this is also a kind of death as well. Scorpio, Pluto, and the 8th house in the horoscope usually mean that some unknown fate intervenes and changes a person forever. Nobody can ever take life for granted, and it’s a certainty that can actually make our inner world become richer and deeper for it. When life is hanging in the balance it can make us view the world through new eyes and we lose our superficial concerns and gain a new ability to really perceive what is important.

If part of this violent transformation means a literal death then we are in a whole new world anyway, and we have transformed. The 8th house issues we have to face often involve dealing with emotional baggage, family issues, legacies, and fate. Pluto is like a black mysterious bag and nobody knows what we will be handed to us. The quote below is a really smart description of Pluto crisis from a non-astro site and it summed up succinctly – Pluto in one short sentence.

 “Trauma creates a rupture in a person’s life story. Assumptions about ourselves, our place in world, and our expectations about the world are shaken, even shattered.” By Stephen Joseph

We are born with a certain view of the world and people and over time and through traumatic life events it changes us. Death’s cold hand forcibly removes people from our life. Life hurts. It wounds. It is painful at times. It involves deep losses. Life is also meaningful, deep, and complex. The things that we thought we couldn’t live without are taken, but if we dig deep enough inside we just might find that buried treasure and find a new strength, even if we are forced to do this by circumstance. Death isn’t such a simple thing to comprehend sometimes we have lost someone a long time ago through mental illness, years before their actual death.

Relationships are a catalyst for periods of fast growth in out lifetime. Through every relationship, we change and grow up a lot in the process, but sometimes we are naive and not prepared for what life could throw our way. During any particular Pluto time in our life, we are forced to ‘start over’ in a new world because our surroundings change dramatically. We wake up in a new territory and this could be internally or externally, and one must plant the seeds of a new life. We say goodbye to our old reality, and see the world through brand new eyes. At some point in our life, we have an experience so deep that it tears through our perception of reality and we look at things in a completely different way. It’s like the buildings and scaffolding of our old inner or outer world have fallen through, and even the sky is torn, but buried underneath it all is a landscape never seen before –  one we didn’t want to see and this is a new kind of reality based on what is real.

When we are cut deeply by Pluto’s touch we awake to the important things that really matter. Pluto has the power of death, but it also has the ability to bring new life. Life, death and rebirth are all a miraculous process. Pluto brings our deepest awareness and can bring to the surface a great wealth of talents and abilities which have long been hidden in the psyche.

Pluto often  involves the journey through the labyrinth and at the center is a monster, and sometimes confronting our own inner demons is as dangerous as taking the lid off a time bomb. Pluto is a symbol of depth and we must fight the parts of the self that feel inferior and bring forth the emerging of a new personality, one that is ready to born, but birth is a painful process even if the rewards are plentiful. The key to growth is looking deep within, facing our insides and discovering our true power.

Jeff Greens Pluto: The Evolutionary Journey of the Soul, Volume 1 (Llewellyn Modern Astrology Library)has 4 steps that are extremely helpful in understanding Pluto’s intent:

1. By producing emotional shocks in which some behavioral pattern, or a life situation is forcefully removed from our lives
2. By creating a situation in which we form a relationship with something  that we perceive we need. The something can be anything a new friend, a new love, a body of knowledge contained in a book or seminar, the initiation of a new goal, and so forth. By forming these relationships…we transmute, metamorphosis, grow and evolve into new level of awareness
3.By producing  or creating situations in our lives in which we become aware of some extrenal or internal source of stagnation or limitation blocking further growth.
4. By producing or creating a situation in which we become aware of a new capacity or capability that has been latent  or dormant.

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