Venus-Saturn Aspects

In the extreme, a person with Venus conjunct, square, or opposite Saturn may feel inhibited, timid, and shy in the realm of relationships, and this can manifest as extreme caution in love and affection. Choosing a partner with these characteristics may make it difficult to elicit an authentic expression of affection from the other person. Venus in a relationship with Saturn may also find a partner to be selfish, cold, or not very demonstrative.

When it comes to dating, they take things seriously, making it challenging for them to engage in harmless flirtation with the other sex. They may make it hard for others to gauge their interest because their feelings are often distant at first and take longer to build up. Some people may keep their distance because they find the awkwardness of falling in love to be too much to bear. The person’s insecurity about receiving love and affection may have its origins in early life, when they experienced rejection or felt unworthy of it.

A Venus-Saturn person may settle for a spouse who isn’t quite up to their standards in terms of social standing, intellectual prowess, or physically since they value stability and safety above all else. It originates from a combination of apprehension and emotions of inadequacy. It’s been categorised as “love vs. duty,” which suggests that giving up something or prioritising security over a romantic relationship might be part of the deal. Every time Venus-Saturn is involved in relationship, they feel like they have to put up with it because they feel obligated to.

Venus-Saturn Aspects: Passion Building

It’s possible that the individual is in a relationship where they feel unjustly chastised and regularly let down, or where there just isn’t enough love and passion to make the connection feel vibrant. Anxiety over love, romance, and marriage is compounded by their worry about failing their loved ones and letting them down. A person should exercise caution in parent-child-like relationships, and it is not uncommon for one partner to face the lion’s share of financial responsibility in a partnership, such as in the event of supporting an unemployed, ill, or otherwise burdensome spouse. People with Saturn in aspect to Venus often have an acute awareness of devotion, obligation, and commitment to their significant others.

It’s possible that the individual has to hone their Saturnian traits in relating, prioritise their relationships, and have the wherewithal to deal with the weighty issues that arise when two people commit to one another. All of this could involve struggling through difficulties, hardship and one partner maybe even getting sick. What this usually means is that they are made aware of their duties and what they should be doing. Love’s self-abandonment, freedom, and carelessness can feel compelled at first, but if they invite joy into their connection, they’ll experience a newfound lightness. Relationally, they may have bouts of dissatisfaction because they feel they put in twice the effort as their partner but receive only half the appreciation.

Venus-Saturn p artners may feel the need to continuously demonstrate their love, especially through material gestures, because these lovers are typically overly concerned with promises, proof, and displays of real affection. They are fragile, fearful, and may feel they are not getting their fair share of happiness in life, whether that be materially, romantically, or otherwise. It’s the more self-aware person who has developed the self-control skills and can turn these obstacles into possibilities. As the old adage goes, “good things come to those who wait,” and for many of these people, that wait pays off in the second half of life, when they can look back on their lives and appreciate the progress they’ve made and the lessons they’ve learned, and maybe even discover the love they’ve been waiting for.

Venus in aspect to Saturn needs the approval and respect of others in order to feel validated and capable of facing their own feelings of worthlessness and inadequacy. Due to this, they may be a romantic pessimist and have trouble trusting others, which prevents them from experiencing the joy, excitement, and satisfaction that they deserve in their personal life. When they do give in and have some fun or treat themselves to an expensive item, they are often paralysed by a wave of guilt that makes them believe they don’t deserve either.

Prostitution, poverty, and widowhood have all been associated with the Venus-Saturn aspect; nevertheless, the relationship more commonly represents emotional disappointments, particularly in early life. When a person with a Venus-Saturn contact makes a commitment, not out of duty, but from the heart, they are willing to stay for the long haul as a life partner, even through difficult times. Venus-Saturn partners mature into understanding the true worth of the things they cherish and are realistic in their approach to romantic relationships. There will be times when their marriage is put to the test by things like apparent hurdles, feelings of isolation, and the weight of your duties. The person is able to show compassion, loyalty, and depth, while still appreciating the importance of balancing romance with real-world concerns.