In a relationship chart between the Moon and Neptune in a synsatry aspect, those involved are sensitive, empathetic, and sympathetic, and the Moon person helps to contain and comfort Neptune’s dreams by understanding and empathising with Neptune’s aspirations, but recognising that some of them are unrealistic. When Neptune is in a cross aspect to the Moon in a synastry chart, the Neptune individual feels safe and can freely express their creativity without worry about being criticized. The Moon sign is protective and sheltering towards a Neptunian in need, but they are also possessive and clingy towards the Neptunian since they feel they are the only ones who can provide them with nourishment and affection. It’s as if the Neptune person can thrive thanks to the nurturing Moon, but the oversensitivity of that interaction, coupled with Neptune’s insistence on an almost unconditional understanding of the nature of the partnership, can leave both partners feeling emotionally exposed and unprotected. While having unreasonable expectations of a mate might result in heartache and disappointment, the depiction of this couple’s empathy, desire to become one, and psychic-level understanding is refreshing.

The Moon and Neptune in aspect in synastry can cause emotional ambiguity and a desire to avoid direct expression of feelings in a relationship. It’s common for both partners in these relationships to be emotionally dependent on the other, which can impair their judgement. If the Moon isn’t paying attention or reacting in a timely manner, the Neptune personality might turn manipulative in a subtle way. Emotions can feel overwhelming when the Moon and Neptune are in aspect in a partnership, and e ach is deeply dependent on the other emotionally, to the point where being apart from the other for even a short time can cause severe distress. Due to their tendency to over-accommodate one another, it can be difficult for them to establish healthy boundaries with one another, which can lead to possessiveness, emotional dependence, and even dishonesty.

Moon-Neptune connections enhance psychological intimacy and a sense of oneness, which may lead the couple to want to keep each other safe from the world. No one can intrude on the emotional sphere because of the profound soul connection and the nearly telepathic nature of the relationship. The couple are able to tune out the rest of the world and concentrate only on one another, resulting in a magnificent intuitive and emotional connection between them. Paradoxically, their walls are easily breached by outsiders, therefore strange occurrences may be documented during their relationship and perhaps many supernatural things take place in their home together. 

Lover’s idealisation of their beloved can be a distortion, a projection of the lover’s own ideals of perfection onto the beloved. Yet, in Neptunian partnerships, the idealisation is not guaranteed a happy ending; it may be sustained, transformed over time, weakened, or shattered completely. Furthermore, the degree of idealisation varies greatly, from a little to a lot, which actually drowns out the sense of the other as separate at times, leading to an overvaluation and, at other times, a complete distortion. For this reason, love is often said to be blind. Yet, not all Neptune relationships are completely idealised, and idealisation can wax and wane for all lovers. It’s amazing how many conflicting emotions can be stirred up in the span of a single evening: admiration, embarrassment, anger, boredom, and love. What kills Neptune’s notions of the other, or even attentiveness to another person, is hurt, disappointment, and rage. Or perhaps the lover’s eyes are opened because of a revelation about the other that completely alters their perspective. Psychologists say that our perceptions tend to follow our feelings, and this is no less true in Neptunian synastry relationships.

I once read a story about the beautiful Anna Karenina, who, after meeting a hot film director named Vronsky, returned home to find that her husband’s ears seemed much bigger and his habit of cracking his knuckles more exaggerated. Personal experience has shown us that a simple shift in perspective is all that’s required for the person we see in the mirror to go from being unattractive one morning to being attractive the next. For Moon-Neptune in synastry aspect, idealisation will wax and wane similarly; if there’s a strong love underneath, it can be a profound and wonderful love connection; if not, it can enter into troubled emotions like deceiving or feeling deceived, misleading or being misled, rescued and saved, feeling like there’s no one quite like the other in the world, and a desire to remain in such a lovely bubble of love.