Moon-Neptune Synastry

Moon-Neptune contacts between two people create a sensitive, emotional, and empathetic rapport. The Moon person comforts and acts as an emotional container for Neptune’s dreams, and is sensitive and responsive to Neptune’s longings and impossible idealizations. The Moon also makes Neptune feel safe, held, and comforted. The Moon also exhibits great possessiveness and clings to Neptune, wanting to be the only one to nourish and love them. The mothering instinct can become strong in the Moon person and they’re seen as wanting to protect and provide shelter. The oversensitivity of this interaction can make for an excessively watery and vulnerable relationship. Neptune expects an almost unconditional understanding of the relationship. The contact describes feelings of mutual sympathy and a virtual psychic understanding, but excessive idealism may accompany this contact, leading to hurt and disappointment.

Moon-Neptune represents a tendency for mutual misunderstandings, confusing emotional experiences, and avoidance of emotional confrontation. A great deal of emotional dependency is often present in these interactions. And the relationship between these two people can be needy, and it tends to cloud their vision. The Neptune person can become passively manipulative when the Moon isn’t being attentive or responsive enough. A Moon- Neptune aspect in a relationship creates an excessively wet, over-emotional, and a substantial feeling of being swamped. Such emotional flooding makes it difficult to be independent of one another, and one of them invokes a feeling of guilt when they have to be separated for any period of time. This behavior can lead to possessiveness, emotional dependency, and even deceit. Furthermore, it may be difficult to define personal boundaries in this interaction, tending to over-accommodate one another.

Yet this couple may want to save and protect one another from the world. Moon-Neptune contacts create a feeling of oneness, unity, and psychic familiarity. The level of soul-intimacy and almost telepathic interchange resists any intrusions into the emotional world. At times, they shut the world out and lose themselves in each other. This highly sensitive connection makes for a wonderfully intuitive and emotional rapport, and supersensitivity. Moreover, this relationship may even experience paranormal activity together since their boundaries are easily invaded by others, so there could be strange happenings reported when they are together.