Mercury Conjunct, Square, Opposite Uranus


Mercury conjunct, square, or opposite Uranus is usually attracted to learning new things but it must be mentally stimulating and knowledge should only be used for the purpose of enlightening. Information tends to excite the individual and their mind changes rather excitedly; there can, though, be difficulty staying with one thing. The world of information is unlimited and they like to explore, investigate the unusual, thought-provoking, and delve into any area where there needs to be more progress made. The Mercury-Uranus type usually does well in science, astrology, unorthodox subjects, astronomy, math, technology, electronics, education, politics, computers, and psychology. The person possesses the ability to quickly understand new ideas. Although they tend to hold many ideas that are at odds with society, and in this sense, they can be something of a mental-rebel, with a liking of taking impossible ideas and making them possible. They are receptive to everything that has never been considered before and will tend to one of those open-minded, universal types, who really cannot tolerate others being close minded or refusing to see a different reality, and lives in dark ignorance.

A Uranian mind is a place of light, it expands beyond mental boundaries, tending towards a preference for futuristic thinking. Uranus knows no bounds, it’s unlimited and the mental capacity is an area of uncalculated growth. The mind speeds up and the mental steps are accelerated as the individual perceives new waves of thoughts coming through. It is usually the Mercury-Uranus individual that gives fresh insights to old problems, or something just comes to them all of a sudden that solves a puzzle; they are the ones to make a breakthrough because of their advanced thinking but they have a problem connecting the dots of how they got to their conclusions, because ideas tend to arrive full blown. They show great insight, possess a knack for discovery, offer up solutions, improves a situation, and glimpse into the future. Overall, the Mercury-Uranus type also exhibits ingenuity, originality, creativity, and usually hate to feel stifled learning situations.

The person’s thoughts may appear to be jolted at times and seem radical or unconventional with unexpected comments. The concepts haven’t always had time to process properly; they seem odd. The type might shock others with the things that are said, and it’s like they’re almost looking for a reaction, stirring up a situation, and getting into an argument. They can be brilliant, bright and articulate and, at other times, be offhand with their ideas, fanatic, fixed, and obsessed with an ideology, ideal or theory. Mercury-Uranus sometimes acts as if it is mentally superior, behaving like a “know it all.” A great impatience can develop with others who don’t perceive things in their way or are not fast enough to keep up with their string of thought patterns.

When Mercury is in aspect with Uranus it can result in the individual being unable to communicate with others harmoniously, so learning to be calm on the mental level is challenging at times. The person can be contradictory a great deal, and tactless; they’re powerfully self-willed and stubborn. They may suffer from breakdowns in communication, and may have developed twitches, convulsions, or nervous ailments since they something of an intellectual “live wire.” The mind needs to learn how to wind back down, and their biggest difficulty is switching their brains off, otherwise, it may lead to mental instability. Unless they learn to focus their gifts, be less pig-headed, more disciplined, and learn to listen to others, their mind goes to waste.

When the type gets excited about ideas, the mind comes alive and there is the potential for genius. Mercury conjunct, square or opposite Uranus cares about free speech and about being honest and direct. The Mercury-Uranus individual is experimental, they love to arouse, and incite those around. They do not, however, like being told what to think, and is easily bored if there’s not enough stimulation.  The aspect is inventive, revolutionary, and intellectually grasps ideas way before other people. Many people with this contact talk fast, read fast, or learn fast and the mental processing is nothing short of breathtaking.