The Aniti-Flirt Club: Leo, Virgo, Libra and Scorpio Part 2


The Leo flirts by mere self-expression, they are affectionate and playful lovers and impress others with their ability to shine like the Sun. Also, there is a glorious magnetism and charisma that shines through and they’re unashamed of their sunny nature. At times, they may need to be the centre of attention and they are often always clearly visible, standing out in a crowd. In love, they are the storyteller, the dancer and the actor and love is a creative act with a leading actress rejoicing in the performance. However, this doesn’t mean love is only an act, for Leo their heart burns intensely; they are fixed in their affections and incredibly loyal.

With a generous heart, and an energy that shines out behind their eyes clearly and distinctly they are individual, dramatic, and their life must be similarly coloured with passion, flair and lashings of romance. A lifetime of love may feel like one big theatre production, but they always keep life entertaining, and always give excessively and offer something that is completely unique. Leo is the sign where the heart is at the centre, and they are devastated when let down by a partner in any way. Leo wants what is best and only the grandest, to be truly loved and adored and need to be flattered and deeply appreciated.

The Leo lover has a tremendous pride and will not tolerate cheating, lying and mistreatment. Like all fire signs they can enjoy a good party, dressing up, but they can be called a bit of a snob at times, and it may be due to their regal air. They possess the rare capacity of making love into something exceptional and extraordinary and do not want to appear common. Leo has a vision of love and will fight for love; they are not the laid back types and are incredibly loyal and supportive of loved ones. Be careful in love as criticism cuts deep, and it can be difficult to reassure them at these times.


The Virgo flirts by doing all the little things in life that we easily overlook, but that offer tremendous value in the larger scheme of our existence, making life more ordered. Virgo hates to make mistakes and everything is chosen carefully, done with thoroughness, and practiced until just right. They are private souls and have their rituals and regular habits and everything is run through a filter. Being an earth sign they prefer what is useful and practical and all of this can also apply to love. Virgo will show they care by being helpful, applying their intelligence and craftsmanship to their partner’s life.

Venus the planet of love is in its fall position when placed in Virgo and it is said to be a difficult pairing when it comes to romance. Venus in Aries also takes slack for being too selfish for a harmonious relationship. Virgo is often stereotyped with the prim and proper image, the Virgin who is cold, unaffectionate and lacking in desire. However, there can be shyness, so desire is not necessarily lacking. A case study I worked on a few years ago revealed the anxiety of a woman with multiple planets in Virgo worried about being a Virgin in her late twenties and having a terrible time in love. Fellow Virgo – Liz Greene – says Virgo’s do nothing to dispel all of these stereotypical myths.

I once came across a kind of joke horoscope which gave a particularly insulting paragraph to each sign. For Virgo, it said, ‘Virgos are apt to fall asleep while making love. They make good bus drivers.’ Well, amusing enough. But it reflects the general attitude most popular astrology holds about the Virgo lover. And sadly, many Virgos do nothing to dispel this image. I once knew a Virgo man who kept by his bedside one of those ubiquitous sex primers which told you which erogenous zone the land hand should be placed on after the first five minutes of foreplay. He actually attempted to follow the instructions, as though he were following a recipe. Astrology for Lovers

Underneath, Virgos adore romance just as much as their opposite sign of Pisces and long to be swept up into a lover’s arms, and imaginably still holding their to-do-list. All earthy signs have sensuality, but it has been said many times that Virgo may feel ashamed of some of their wilder desires, but time often loosens the inhibitions. It has also been noted that there is something about the Virgo feminine image that drives the opposite sex crazy, and they are pure and lovely in this sense.

Similar to Gemini they need a meeting of minds, and their mind is sharp and penetrating but also practical. The only fall back is being critical, nagging, and picky all the time. They have a way of telling people how things can be improved and how to do it better. Virgo makes for a patient and enduring lover, and they are prone to analyze partners trying to understand what makes them the way they are. All earth signs will stick around in relationships when the going gets tough and they deal with the real world. Virgo does this by taking things apart and putting them back together in a better order.



Libra flirts by a pure charm and they love giving compliments. Libras life can be dominated by love, and they enjoy beautiful art, sweetness and attractiveness and are willing to fit nicely into another’s life. Above all, Libra wants agreement and balance in relationships, and is willing to make adjustments and may often be enthusiastic about everything the other does, and how wonderful it is. They are all about symmetry, and perfectly matching into a partner’s life, as a kind of perfect complement.

They prefer relations on a one-to-one basis, but the main problem that has been highlighted with Librian love is that because of this way of relating to everything, and due to all of this perfectly matching and colossal flattering it tends to result in a series of intimate friends all of who are convinced they are Libra’s perfect partner. Libra is immensely popular with the opposite sex because they have such likable qualities and also because of their uncritical attitude. The Librian always has this lovely impulse to complete itself. Also, another common problem is their inability to function alone, without a partner.

Libras fall easily in love, but hate arguments, disagreements, and underhandedness as they are the ultimate peacemakers, ruled by the peaceful dove. In relationships, while other signs thrive on a good love-fight as it may add the needed tension and excitement to any bond and challenge it to grow; it is Libra that really dislikes being pushed into such behaviour. All the airy signs tend to rise above any kind of crudeness in expression, especially in the area where the violence of the emotions commonly appear and this is usually in intimate relating. They avoid direct confrontation and do not understand why others stay in discordant, or nasty relationships. Libra prefers to be intellectually supportive, cool, and pretty darn perfect.

She can make deft and minute changes within a room so that harmony of its proportions is enhanced. Essentially, she understands beauty has an outward manifestation of natural order. The concept of beauty is central in the culture of the Navajo people, who speak of ‘walking a trail of beauty’ to explain the way to co-operate with nature rather than try to control her.The Knot of Time: Astrology and Female Experience

The Librian likes good conversation, a pleasant social atmosphere, to be flattered and gravitates towards the good the true and the beautiful. They make the most cultured of lovers are refined and poised and they are all about sweetness and fair-play in love and love to be in love.



A Scorpio is the piece of chocolate cake, it will do more harm than good, and we know it, but don’t care one bit. The Scorpio flirts by force of intensity with sheer magnetism and there usually no hiding place where they will not find you. They always know exactly where they are going in life, but also once fixed on someone, they rarely give up until they have got what rightfully belongs to them. Scorpio won’t give out flattery unless they absolutely mean it. For the most part they keep to themselves, and in love prefer a dark palette something with depth, and they are drawn towards dangerous liaisons and can be completely overtaken by them.

Love is never simple for the intriguing and complex, and all-consuming. They often have psychic connections with lovers, and break down walls between all relationships using their total force of character. Scorpio has the most intense energy that anyone will ever experience; they are a powerful source of sexual, mystical and transformational energy. As lovers, they love to penetrate deep and love to psychoanalyze a lover, and just like a psychologist reveal nothing of their own inner workings. They are loyal and enduring in love and their feelings must be engaged in a partnership and they are often labelled as “too heavy” on the emotional front, and jealous and possessive. Whilst it is true, and being paired with them may leave a few wounds, they will draw lovers into the unknown and unexplored. Wound them and they are likely to strike back viciously. In fact, as the sign of creation and destruction they don’t really care if they pull the whole thing down to the ground. Scorpio has the ability to rise from the ashes and knows it.

A relationship with these people is akin to the life, death and rebirth cycle and partners will be changed through their challenging confrontations, and willingness to look deeper into the motivations of human beings, and also to understand there is a deeper purpose at work. A deep curiosity has always been present since they were born. Scorpio sees what is behind life, and feels the painful extremes, and is always scaling the spiritual heights and depths. They plumb the nadirs; delve into the unconscious, and are aware of the dark undercurrents running through mankind.