The Aniti-Flirt Club: Leo, Virgo, Libra and Scorpio Part 2


The Leo flirts via their self-expression; they are passionate and lively lovers who dazzle others with their ability to shine brightly like the Sun. Additionally, a magnificent attraction and charisma show through, and they are unashamed of their cheerful disposition. They may be required to be the centre of attention at times, and they are often always visible, sticking out in a crowd. They are the storyteller, the dancer, and the actor in love, and love is a creative act that includes a main actress who revels in the performance. This is not to say that love is only an act; for Leo, their hearts are aflame with passion; they are steadfast in their feelings and tremendously faithful.

With a large heart and an energy that radiates clearly and unmistakably from behind their eyes, they are unique and dramatic, and their life must be flavoured in a similar manner by passion, flair, and liberal helpings of romance. It may seem that a lifetime of love is one big theatrical show, but they always manage to make life fascinating, give lavishly, and offer something that is absolutely different from anything else available. They are upset when they are let down by a partner in any manner since Leo is a sign in which the heart is at the centre of everything. Leo desires only the best and the most extravagant things in life, to be genuinely loved and admired, and to be showered with compliments and expressions of heartfelt appreciation. The Leo lover is extremely self-assured and will not accept any form of cheating, lying, or abuse.

Leo may love a good party and dressing up, but they can be accused of being snobbish at times, which may be owing to their regal demeanour. They have a remarkable ability to transform love into something special and amazing, and they do not want to be perceived as average or ordinary-looking. Leos have a vision of love and are willing to battle for it; they are not the laid-back kinds, but they are tremendously devoted and supportive of their partners and family members. When it comes to loving a Leo, be cautious since criticism can sting deep, and it might be tough to reassure them at these moments.


The Virgo flirts by doing all of the small things in life that we tend to miss, but which have immense worth in the grand scheme of things, such as making our lives more orderly and bringing us closer together. In order for Virgo to avoid making mistakes, everything must be carefully chosen, completed thoroughly, and practised until it is just right. They are private souls with their own rituals and routines, and everything is passed through a filter before it reaches the outside world. Because they are an earth sign, they enjoy things that are helpful and practical, and all of this may apply to their love lives as well. Virgo will demonstrate their concern for their relationship by being helpful and contributing their intellect and craftsmanship to their partner’s well-being.

It is stated that Venus, the planet of love, is in its fall position when positioned in Virgo, making it a challenging combination when it comes to romantic relationships. Virgo is generally associated with the prim and proper image of the Virgin, who is cold, unaffectionate, and devoid of desire, according to popular culture. However, there might be timidity, which does not always imply a lack of desire. When I was doing a case study a few years ago, I discovered the anxiety of a lady with many planets in Virgo who was afraid about being a virgin in her late twenties and having a horrible experience in love. Liz Greene, a fellow Virgo, believes that Virgos do nothing to dispel all of the stereotypes associated with their sign.

I once came across a kind of joke horoscope which gave a particularly insulting paragraph to each sign. For Virgo, it said, ‘Virgos are apt to fall asleep while making love. They make good bus drivers.’ Well, amusing enough. But it reflects the general attitude most popular astrology holds about the Virgo lover. And sadly, many Virgos do nothing to dispel this image. I once knew a Virgo man who kept by his bedside one of those ubiquitous sex primers which told you which erogenous zone the land hand should be placed on after the first five minutes of foreplay. He actually attempted to follow the instructions, as though he were following a recipe. Astrology for Lovers

Subconsciously, Virgos are as infatuated with love as their opposite sign, Pisces, and yearn for the day when they may be carried away in the embrace of a lover while still clutching their to-do list in their hands. There is sensuality in each of the earth signs, although it has been noted many times that Virgo may be ashamed of some of their wilder inclinations at first, but that time will often release the inhibitions. The Virgo feminine image has also been noted to have something about it that drives the opposite sex insane, and they are pure and attractive in this regard.

Virgo requires a meeting of minds in the same way that Gemini does, and their mind is sharp and penetrating while also being practical. The only fall back of the sign is that it can be critical, nagging, and picky as a last resort. A Virgoan has a way of pointing out where things can be improved and how to do things more effectively. They are patient and long-lasting lovers, and they are inclined to scrutinise their companions in an attempt to comprehend what makes them who they are. When the going gets tough and they have to deal with the realities of life, all earth signs will stick around in their relationships. Virgo does this by dismantling things and putting them back together in a more functional manner.


Libra flirts with a true charm, and they like delivering praises to other people. Libras’ lives can be controlled by love, and they appreciate exquisite art, sweetness, and attractiveness, as well as being willing to blend in well with others’ lives and cultures. More than anything else, Libra seeks agreement and balance in their relationships, and they’re prepared to make modifications. Libra may be overly excited about everything the other person does, and how wonderful they think it is. In terms of symmetry, they strive to be the perfect complement to their partners’ lives, and to do it in an effortless manner.

They prefer one-on-one relationships, but the main problem that has been identified with Libran love is that, as a result of this way of relating to everything, and as a result of all of the perfectly matching and colossal flattering, it tends to result in a series of intimate friends, each of whom believes they are Libra’s perfect partner. Libra is extremely popular with the opposite sex since they possess such endearing characteristics as well as a non-judgmental attitude. The Libran is constantly driven by this delightful yearning to bring everything together. Another issue that frequently arises is their incapacity to operate independently, without the assistance of a partner.

Libras are easy to fall in love with, but they despise conflicts, disagreements, and underhandedness since they are the greatest peacemakers, as symbolised by the dove of peace, which rules over them. Despite the fact that other signs like a good love-fight since it can provide the necessary tension and excitement to any relationship while also challenging it to grow, Libra strongly dislikes being forced into such behaviour. Generally speaking, all of the airy indications tend to rise beyond any form of crudeness in expression, especially in those situations where emotional violence manifests itself frequently, as is the case in personal relationships. They avoid direct confrontation and are perplexed as to why others continue to be in discordant or unpleasant relationships with them. Libra wants to be academically helpful, cool, and pretty darn flawless, rather than the other way around.

She can make deft and minute changes within a room so that harmony of its proportions is enhanced. Essentially, she understands beauty has an outward manifestation of natural order. The concept of beauty is central in the culture of the Navajo people, who speak of ‘walking a trail of beauty’ to explain the way to co-operate with nature rather than try to control her.The Knot of Time: Astrology and Female Experience

In addition to enjoying nice discussion and a comfortable social situation, the Libran enjoys being flatteried and gravitates towards what is good, true, and beautiful. They create the most sophisticated of lovers, who are polished and poised, and who believe in the importance of gentleness and fair play in love, as well as the joy of being in love.



A Scorpio is like a piece of chocolate cake; their love will cause more harm than good, and we are well aware of this, but we don’t care in the least about it. The Scorpio flirts with you by using pure attraction and power of intensity, and there is typically no hiding spot where they will not discover you. They always know exactly where they are headed in life, and once they have set their sights on someone, they are unlikely to let up until they have obtained what is rightly theirs. Scorpio is not one to shower others with compliments until they truly mean it. For the most part, they keep to themselves, and when in love, they like a dark palette with depth. They are drawn to dangerous liaisons and may get entirely consumed by them.

When it comes to the interesting, complicated, and all-consuming, love is never easy. They often have psychic connections with their partners, and they use their total force of character to tear down barriers between all types of relationships. Scorpions possess the most intense energy that anybody has ever encountered; they are a potent conduit for the transmission of sexuality, mystical power, and transforming energy. The deep penetration and psychoanalytical analysis that they enjoy as lovers are similar to that of a psychologist in that they reveal nothing of their own inner workings to the other person. They are faithful and lasting in love, and their sentiments must be acknowledged and expressed in a partnership. They are frequently criticised for being “too heavy” on the emotional front, as well as jealous and possessive of their lovers. While this is true, and being partnered with them may result in a few scars, they will lure lovers into the uncharted and unexplored territory of their relationship. If you injure them, they will very certainly retaliate violently. In fact, being the symbol of creation and destruction, they don’t seem to mind if they bring the entire structure of a partnership crashing to the ground. Scorpio has the potential to emerge from the ashes, and they are well aware of this ability.

A relationship with Scorpio is analogous to the cycle of life, death, and rebirth, and partners will be transformed as a result of their challenging confrontations, desire to delve deeper into the motivations of other people, and understanding that there is a deeper purpose at work. Since the day they were born, they have been filled with a strong curiosity. Scorpio perceives what is underneath the surface of life, feels its painful extremes, and is constantly striving to reach new spiritual heights and depths. They plumb the nadirs on the emotional scale; they delve into the unconscious; they are aware of the dark undercurrents that flow through humanity.