Mars in Pisces

A person with Mars in Pisces expresses their drive, ambition, and passion in ways that are soft, dreamlike, and subconscious. Strengths include generosity, receptivity, and intuition, while the physical energy of Mars in water is highly sensitive to and influenced by the emotional milieu of the environment, and finds its finest outlet in the realms of fantasy and creative endeavours. The type is inspired by psychological concepts, as well as by things that are mysterious or creative, and artistic. Color, tone, and rhythmic instincts may lead this type to pursue visual art, literature, and the performing arts. Dancing and other vigorous kinds of movement on or near the water are also strongly encouraged, as these activities convey the individual’s deep urge to move in life’s deep currents with a passion that may be lacking in those around them.

If a woman has Mars in Pisces, she may be sexually drawn to males who are “needy,” “wounded,” or perhaps there is a need for a sensitive type of partner, since Mars in Pisces craves a union, a total merging, and has the power to lose the Self in another. It’s not uncommon for women to find themselves in relationships with physically or emotionally fragile partners who rely on them, and when this happens, she often feels their pain. Relationships in general are infused with romance, mystery, and imagination, and the male may achieve his goals by covert and indirect tactics. Men with this placement have a higher than average chance of being talented artists or musicians who draw strength from their sensitivity and emotionality, and they also tend to be unusually deep when expressing their force.

It can be difficult for someone with Mars in Pisces to articulate their own goals and desires because their passions and drive are focused on uniting and serving others and championing the underdog. It’s not easy for Mars to be assertive in this placement, and there’s also a risk of being swayed too much by the opinions of those around them. This could lead to aimlessness and the dispersal of one’s energies, since the person would need motivation to accomplish anything at all, and even the most routine tasks would benefit from being imbued with significance. Mars in Pisces can cause people to lose their sense of self-identity in any situation where the two are astrologically connected. Mars’s energy is slippery and difficult to harness; there’s a quiet defiance at play here, and the individual would rather go with the flow than confront a problem head-on. When motivation wanes, there’s a risk of meaningless flailing around, and even the most self-aware person might be surprised by their own behaviour at times.

Mars in Pisces can be likened to the angler who baits and casts the line, and then sits and waits, ready to accept what Life’s current will bring. Yet strong emotional undercurrents are influencing their actions. So they need to discover what these are if they are to avoid being tugged this way and that, which in turn can compromise their ability to assert themselves. The resentments or regrets that build up as a result of this can lead to unconscious ways of expressing anger or desire, such as sarcasm or secret liaisons. The Instant Astrologer

A level of focus and discipline is required; otherwise, the individual quickly slips off course, and it is a typical placement for those who are addicted to alcohol or drugs or who have committed violent acts while under the influence of alcohol. Being on the receiving end of such drunken wrath or having it directed at you is a more potent symbol of the Mars-Neptune element. Mars in delicate Pisces might lose everything without a second’s thought, and sometimes this sign’s rage at the world’s cruelty leaves them feeling helpless and impotent. Mars in Pisces is most effective when it’s used to further more idealistic, collective objectives. Being involved with something inspiring and being called to put your fight with sensitivity, your might with compassion, your kickass energy into your imagination, and so on, works best.