Jupiter transits: Yes! Jupiter transits can be good; the lord of greater fortune and very beneficial, bringing lots of presents, boons and offerings to our table. Fun, amusement, and pleasure are what Jupiter rules in life. The general feeling that takes over us at these times is contagious, and ’tis the season to be jolly, fa la la la la, la la la la.’ Actually, Christmas feels like it is comprised of both Sagittarius and Capricorn along with their respective rulers – Jupiter and Saturn. A greater emphasis takes place on being “good” and “bad “and who is is getting gifted and who is receiving a lump of coal. Some folks are totally spoiled, and it all involves people eating too much, with a nice mix of religion and possibly karma and then way TOO MUCH debt to deal with afterwards if you went overboard during the Saggitarian weeks, so there are plenty of spending and suddenly tightening the purse strings and probably all of the meaning of Christmas is lost.

Jupiter possesses pure intuitiveness and innate intuition and it guides us towards the things we are hoping to receive. We often get to feel beautiful, wealthy and divine. Of course, there is also laziness, greediness and a generally large appetite for everything. Jupiter is buoyant and exceptionally generous. We tend to feel more hopeful and optimistic at these times, and sheer luck often finds its way to our door. Jupiter is the king of the gods on Mt. Olympus and is thought to be our greatest protector.

Even the minor transits (Sun, Mercury, and Venus) to Jupiter often bring those days when money is received or we laugh until our belly hurts, and then we read something totally uplifting, educational or humorous. In fact, people tend to feel more charitable towards us. An individual under a Jupiter transit or a family member may receive an award and be celebrated and we feel honored and special. Jupiter transits also mean OVEREATING, OVERDOING, and OVERSPENDING. We can be more careless, and we may party too much, jump around and be silly, and then do our celebratory dance.

Many times under this transit, we should expect endless streaming of happy emotions. The gas giant Jupiter gets out those balloons and we soar as the heavens open up. We then have this  magnificent open view of the world. The meaning of life becomes more important and we can expand our universe through study, inspiration and travel. Many weddings take place under Jupiter, and it is always a good time to plan a big event.

Saturn transits are here to sober us up, probably to mostly depress us for a while. It is the planet of time, structure, commitment, mastery, withholding, denial, anxiety, separation and wisdom. We have to wear grown up clothes, apply for a job and take our responsibilities seriously. There is no flight from life in this realm, and we usually have to do things alone. Saturn always has us doing all of our introspective questionings. We begin to question if we really worked hard enough. Did we aim too high? Are we good enough? Will we ever be good enough? We are then caught up in feeling rejected and wearing our burdens heavily upon our shoulders, and looking a solitary picture.

Saturn is a fearful energy and those with the planet strong in the horoscope have watched seasons come and go before making any kind of move. Our greatest fears can materialize under Saturn. The weight of Saturn is incredibly hard to bear at times. If we have refused to deal with reality, the blow can be hard. Under the Saturn influence, we don’t just see the glass as half empty; the glass is half empty and teeming with bugs. The reality isn’t pleasant or even endearing at times. Saturn may remind us of those things we have sidestepped and evaded. A step into maturation is always required, and we must possess a certain hardness,  and fall more in line with what Saturn expects. The transit is less difficult if we do what we are asked and follow his rigid code. In many respects, we pay our dues, keep our head low and carry on with what we asked of at this time. Actually, Saturn is often trying to give us the “proven formula to success” and is about time and experience.

In other ways, Saturn gives us “permission to be human” and at the same time gives us the all too familiar feeling of being human. The hardships of life, adversaries, and the poverties all fall under Saturn’s rulership. It can also stabilize life and we make smart business moves, work harder than ever before and see long-lasting results. Often anything undertaken under Saturn’s transit tends to last for quite a while. We can lay solid foundations, but it also indicates challenge, and generally shows us where we are intolerably rigid and oppressive. In Ancient astrology, Saturn is The Father Time – scythe and all. Saturn was the notorious malefic, he was also the Scrooge of those times; “cold in charity” represented little warm feeling towards others. We have come a long way with the understanding of Saturn on a psychological level. Back in those times, it was mostly about old age, caution, and bad luck.

Saturn was always given a gloomy character in older astrology textbooks. We still meet many characters with a powerful Saturn in their chart that will paint a bleak picture of the world. Sometimes we possess our worst character traits through our Saturn by sign, house, and aspects. However, self-made persons are under Saturn and many a business, career advancements and steps up the ladder, happen when Saturn is in view. As C.E.O Carter says, Saturn is hostile to free expression, and there are terms that it dictates and then it will permit the expression. He also notes that obstruction is not necessarily evil and that it can have a stimulative effect upon the force that feels obstructed.