Question: The Yod Aspect Pattern, What Does it Mean?

new-yod-apexQuestion: The Yod Aspect Pattern, what does it mean?

In astrology, this is probably one of the most difficult to understand astrological configurations in the natal chart. The Yod appears to gather around it, some of the most abstruse, mystical, and New Age interpretations. The Yod is comprised of two inconjuncts (150-degree aspect) with a sextile forming at the base of the aspect. Many astrologers refer to the Yod as the “Finger of God” or the “Finger of Fate” and this is supposed to create some kind of powerful vibratory aura to the whole pattern. Imbued with spiritual attributes, the letter Yod in the Hebrew alphabet is a symbol for “hand” or consciousness.

One does begin to wonder if interpretations of this configuration have become OVERHYPED. Does the YOD really indicate divine awareness? Are there crucial junctures and turning points? And finally, can it bring a deep focus of energy to the apex of the planet symbolizing something that must be expressed? The Yod appears to be something of a yo-yo concerning life events, swinging the fortunes in a different direction, especially once a major planetary body in transit sets it into action.

The Yod pattern has signs in a harmonious relationship and signs inharmonious. The Yod might actually give the sextile more oomph. Some astrologers believe there is a choice of paths for the best use of this difficult and positive energy. According to astrologer Liz Greene, planetary configurations for purposes of illustration can be likened to small families of planets residing within the birth chart – and the horoscope may contain more than one of these little families.

The Zodiac Master called it the neurotic planetary configuration. Meaning it begins its expression by acting pretty nice, docile and easy going and then the whole planetary family begins to act at loggerheads with one another. Inconsistency is the word he used, and one never knows what to expect. Howard Sasportas gave a fun example found in The Inner Planets of two cattle ranchers standing apart (sextile) and lasso a little dogie between them? The most common Yod is between Neptune and Pluto because they have been sextile for the longest time in the heavens, so many souls born at this time have a planet contacting this sextile, generating as collective karma.

Yod Aspect Pattern

The mystery Endures: The author of a book specializing on the nature of the Yod, Joan Kellog, believed Alice Bailey’s view on Yods to be entirely wrong. Kellog believes Bailey was being intentionally hidden and even misleading. The Yod is thought to signify a special talent or a mission to fulfill and it takes on a special importance in the individual’s life. Kellog states that the Yod contains a key to a specific enigma, containing within its geometry a spiritual or karmic lesson. The apex planet also representing challenging lessons, and perhaps it’s true. The question of the OVER-SIGNIFICANCE of Yods still remains open but there could be some strange destiny at work.

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