Venus-Neptune Aspects: Mystical Union

Venus-Neptune in aspect in astrology is symbolic of an individual who may get lost in their beloved, embracing a divine love and adrift in a deeper madness. It is well known, love can never be understood by the mind, and it can never be explained, when we are wrapped up in its mysteriousness, reason disappears. The love nature, represented by Venus, the planet of beauty, harmony, and attraction is drawn by the siren song of Neptune into its deep, oceanic, blue waters.  The Venus-Neptune type is, under those circumstances, pulled towards the dream of the ideal, and this contact in the horoscope can represent the beautiful muse and soul who may experience the most boundless love, through the art of merging with a loved one. The feelings can become flooded in the area of relationships, with an insatiable longing and a feeling of complete intoxication. All the eyes see is love’s highest aspirations, a soul mate connection, and a great willingness to make a large sacrifice.

An extraordinarily devoted quality pervades Venus-Neptune’s very essence. A dreamlike quality enters the picture and this is the kind of romantic pairing which blends eroticism with mysticism and it is found within loving relationships. The mystical experience is triggered, and this can be imagined as a fusion of love, sex, music, heightened experiences, creating a heavenly love, which is hard to come down from and is blamed for the bitter disillusionment suffered by the individual in possession of this aspect. To clarify, a mystical union doesn’t always have to relate to sexual relations and a religious feeling, it can be something sacred, enchanting, transcending, reaching a wordless understanding of each other.

The Venusian aphrodisiac is highly sensitized and attuned to a deeper reality and this makes worldly relationships difficult. And hence, there are sometimes feelings and emotions which are swayed and the individual cannot see a partner clearly. In a way, it means the type is more likely to be deceived and victimized and this poignant longing for the perfect relationship leads the individual unconsciously into the arms of a lover who acts evasively, nebulously and unfocused. Such a contact can draw them towards alcoholics, escapists and anybody who needs ‘saving’ or is emotionally weak, spaced out, abusive, needy and unstable with a parasitic quality. In some way, rescuing somebody is a kind of religious experience and calls for an all-accepting, devotional nature, but the individual can also be blinded by the light.

Venus-Neptune is the aspect of the artist and symbolic of the nature of the individual attracted to extremes of beauty, music, and poetry. An attraction to artists, musical and spiritual people is common or to those who are involved in highly metaphysical subjects. Venus in aspect to Neptune is usually highly compassionate and kind, but the heavy fantasy element in relationships means feelings are slippery and the dream is of an otherworldly place and spiritual love is all powerful.

The female type is extremely vulnerable, fascinating and usually possesses a subtle softness and seductiveness. It is easy to envision mystical love of all kinds, but it can also become addictive and the individual is powerfully affected by their feelings. The soul exists in a highly romantic state and fairy-tale love can exist, even if it is not meant for reality. This can be an excellent combination for altruistic spirits and there is this immense feeling of oneness and a longing to achieve a state of ecstasy, all of which can be channeled through the arts, creative expression, film, photography, and dancing. The individual needs to remember that deep love and mystical union can be found in the imagination and all creativity enhances their love life and brings a divine ray into everything of value.