Moon-Neptune Aspects: Closing the Floodgates

3195227When the Moon is conjunct, square or opposite Neptune these folks suffer from space invaders. No, not some arcade game from the 1970s. Moon-Neptune will often ordinarily endure people stepping over their space. Indeed, there is a lack of a self-defined force-field for those raiders to intrude upon and a lack of boundaries is most certainly present in these personalities.

Growing up as a Moon-Neptune teenager, all of this “other-worldly” stuff came about powerfully during those sensitive years. Looking back in the rearview mirror of the past, it was an extremely emotional time – running away from home, teary eyed 24/7, and just feeling ultra sensitive to everything. Basically, unable to cope with real life. During this time, if the door to reality could have been closed, I would have locked and bolted it.

It was near impossible to switch off the intense feelings. However, this period illuminated the area of boundaries in life, especially throughout the less emotionally stable times. The Moon and Neptune represent two of the least boundaried parts of the unconscious. While it creates a deep well of feeling, massive empathy, and an extra sensory perception of knowing things, it can also lead to soul invasion. Moon-Neptune needs to draw a line in the sand, to take a final stand and say, “this far and no further.”  Some moments require a need to be more assertive, and to not always take the softly-softly approach. More than any other aspect, Moon-Neptune readily learns that humans need boundaries and perhaps even secrets.

Close the Floodgates

As an emotional sponge, there is a desire to connect to all and sundry and it happens unconsciously. Moon-Neptune needs to create a special holy place. This is their go-to when the world gets too invasive on such a sensitive spirit. If emotions are beginning to slosh all over the place, calm the inner sea by practically facing problems. Pay attention to a daily routine, as this will help with grounding, so put the laundry on, make sure bills are kept up-to-date, and answer the bloody telephone. Moon-Neptune needs to stay away from unhealthy people; they soak EVERYTHING up, both the good and bad. Neptune folks find it difficult to breathe in reality, their oxygen is art, photography, films, books and pretty much anything that stirs the self in a positive way, transporting them into another world.