Venus Conjunct Pluto

With Venus conjunct Pluto in your chartyou want to be loved passionately and you’re starving for a deep, intense and profound love. You can be a great lover and tend to smolder a bit. Usually, you like to keep one step ahead of the mate in understanding what makes him tick. Being psychologically healing to a lover, you have the capacity to diagnose and put your finger on any source of difficulty, and this ability of yours make you very necessary to a lover. You have some dramatic methods up your sleeve for transforming a relationship and it’s often accompanied with extremely passionate declarations of love.

At your darkest level, you’re the enchantress luring others to obsession and to doom. Perhaps you’ve rejected a lover and he’s consumed by jealousy and rage and will never let you go. Hiding in the shadows, unseen but boiling inside, the emotions insatiable, never tiring, and with obsessions taking over his life-blood. 1Being controlling, there is an element of wanting to stay in the driving seat at all times and using any means of power. Venus in aspect to Pluto probably tops the list for being one of the most emotionally insecure aspects, and unconscious complexes will often emerge and even destroy a loving relationship.

  1. One man with this contact had more of a monstrous and uncontrollable desire, for he lured a young girl into the dark woods where he raped and drowned the young beauty in a river.