6 Things That Are Anti-Virgo

tumblr_nr98kuWW8y1sbd5t2o1_1280Virgo is not only about cutting, mending and organising clothes. However, the archetypal image of the ‘seamstress’ is most definitely a wonderful image to enter through when interpreting the sign’s essential meaning. To make this clearer, what this usually involves is intricate stitching as  our needleworker Virgo pulls together all of the components of the last five signs (Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, and Leo) of inner development and synthesises those elements into the finished garment  – what essentially becomes the individual.

Those born under the zodiacal sign of Virgo have insanely good skills in all areas involving expert knowledge. For example, they can order the environment, find the right medicines and foods for our body, study knowledge in order to help others by imparting all of their hard-won wisdom.

At certain times, though, one wonders what kind of spiritual evolvement could be gained from sewing a sock or tidying the linen cupboard. Surely, there are bigger things in the world to worry about? Plainly, when life falls into a state of disorganization this is when we finally realize that we should be sweating the small stuff. In the book Zen and the Art of Housekeeping: The Path to Finding Meaning in Your Cleaning. The author’s ‘guilt tripping’ is an amusing highlight, perhaps such a way of thinking cultivates more humbleness and we all could get a little more Virgo conscious.

When you don’t feel like you can possibly fold one more towel or mop one more floor when the joy of implementing your rituals escapes you, think of the survivors of tragedies like Hurricane Katrina who would love to have the luxury of having a floor to mop.

If one desires to be a good Virgo then it helps to learn about the 6 things that are extremely anti-Virgo:

1. The most anti-Virgo thing is being unproductive and there is nothing worse than not, at least, doing one thing to improve life. In fact, to bring things to an optimal state is powerful. Not necessarily in a flawless way, for earth understands its limitations, but to achieve the greatest productivity.

2. Being studious and knowledgeable and not using it for any kind of purpose. Possessing knowledge and not actually serving humanity with valuable information. A Virgoan is unselfish in giving, but it must be remembered they are also incredibly discerning. Virgo prefers to help others, only in order so that they can use such a set of skills and knowledge to better improve life. In short, Virgo is not here for someone to use them as a crutch and will not foster dependency. In essence, Virgo is about being whole in oneself; they are psychologically, emotionally and physically independent. Powerful lessons indeed.

3. Being unpractical. Again, we are in the earthy mundane world, and this means facing problems and using one’s head to figure out how to solve them. This means not coming out with unrealistic solutions, like ‘the artist’ wanting to paint all day long, with no real job to support them in the meantime.

4. Not having a routine. Sometimes this seems like a tedious and soul destroying path, doing things repetitively. However, there is something about the steady rhythm of every day that pulsates through Virgo like nothing else. It gets us into good habits and we participate in our daily life. “A routine is something that you do over and over again, eventually making it a habit. Once it is a habit, you do not need to think about it to act. The act of automation increases efficiency in your life, by enabling you to do things without consciously thinking about it. You will automatically get things done, without having to remind yourself to get things done. In this manner, you do not let anything slip and ultimately save time by not having to decide what to do with your day.”

“There is a quote that goes “little by little, a little becomes a lot.” And I find that to be true for almost everything in life.” Article filed under Virgo

5. Not being thoughtful. Our dear Virgoans are thoughtful people. The mind is their highest value; they are talented at marking, grading, critiquing and all with carefulness and kindness. Being nature’s helper, they tend to the weeds and think about how to help in general.

6. Existing in disorder. Virgo believes in the harmony of the earthy world. They can find order in the mind, mundane, even in the spiritual. Many love reading, writing, reviewing and editing. Some Virgoans fall in love with astrology and especially with the way our cosmos moves in a predictable orderly rhythm. Everything in this universal art can also be organized into categories of signs, houses, rulerships and so on. Virgo marks the completion of the end of the Summer Holidays when everything must return to some kind of routine, predictableness, and flow in a secure seeking rhythm restoring the tempo once more.