Sun Square Pluto: You Seem to Shine Brightest at This Moment of Healing

When the Sun is square to Pluto in a natal chart, it suggests you have a hidden sense of who you really are that you keep tightly under wraps. Something about your character is hidden from plain sight. Because there is always something vulnerable to “guard,” and because you were taught to fear your own sense of autonomy as a child, you tend to be super paranoid and protective as an adult. Pluto energy surrounds everything that is emotionally intrusive, thus it’s possible that certain aspects of your life may stay secret. When the Sun and Pluto are in square, you tend to focus inward and have a clear idea of what you want and who you are. However, because of the squaring of these planets, you are often exposed to tremendous amounts of external pressure that seeks to change your behaviour or force you to do something against your will. This may be done by insults, threats, covert manipulation, or imposing a false identity on you.

When the Sun is square Pluto, you tend to retreat and put up a good front to avoid conflict. Holding on to something within that cannot be touched. You promise that intrusion from whatever dangerous force lurks outside the walls will never occur. That’s the crux of the emotion inside, and it helps you in not feeling manipulated or controlled in your life. When the Sun is square Pluto in your horoscope, it typically means that you will experience those “zero moments,” when life seems to have bottomed out, when you feel as if you have reached rock bottom, and when you realise that there is nothing more to lose. Moreover, you might be terrified of losing something valuable to you, and the mere presence of danger can trigger terrifying visual imagery of your world collapsing around you. It’s as though you’ve gained a better appreciation for the unforeseen situations that life presents at any moment. You have every reason to be concerned since something horrible has probably already happened in your life, and to be told it won’t happen again is meaningless to you.

Being on emotional edge, worried that something horrible may ruin everything, is a natural reaction to Pluto’s presence in your life. You also have a tendency toward self-destructive behaviour, when you actively work to ruin our own creations. So, it’s not uncommon to experience a great deal of inner resistance when you try to let your true self show. This Sun square Pluto aspect will bring about many changes in your life, including shifts in your energy, character, and sense of self. Nevertheless, it is within your power to undergo a significant change in this life, albeit there are times when this potential is severely inhibited. One of the motivations for striving so hard is the desire to disprove doubters. Those who thought you were nothing and were quick to criticise you because they couldn’t see your potential. The most intense feelings of self-loathing, compared to other solar aspects, are possible for you to experience. But at some point along the way, everything shifts, and sometimes quite a bit. It seems that tremendous forgiveness originates in the growing Pluto part of your soul, which can look into the depths of a far older past that includes much deeper traumas than you are consciously aware of.

It may feel like your very existence is designed for darkness, oppression, or degradation. However, when your growth is positive overall, you are on the verge of a significant transformation. Years of pent-up unhappiness, bitterness, and hatred are released along with all the SELF’s seeds and remnants that have been germinating in the shadows. You seem to shine brightest at this moment of healing, which you have been hoping for a long time. Your profoundness as a person makes it easier for you to deal with touchy topics, whether they concern your own or someone else’s innermost thoughts and feelings. Since you have the fortitude to withstand the unimaginable, you have no qualms about handling these sensitive situations and will take on the elements of life that are too much for others. You are not afraid of the vulnerable parts of the human psyche; on the contrary, you are attracted to them as places where you might develop into the strong person you were always meant to be. 

A square of the Sun to Pluto in your chart may mean that you genuinely avoid addressing life at the personal level and this is certain to end in frustration, therefore you have to occasionally have the strength to face some portion of Pluto that will come to confront you. Your identity and the life you’ve worked so hard to build and rebuild are both under danger, whether the threat comes from inside as you confront your own demons or from the many, many monsters that appear to be hiding just outside your door. You can’t simply push things deep down; after you’ve been through hardship, your avowed goals and ambitions may slip underground, and you may avoid areas of vulnerability. Alternatively, you may choose to ignore your sensitive and vulnerable places in order to focus on your work. While you prefer to steer clear of such matters on a personal level, you have an insatiable curiosity for uncovering the inner workings of others around you and a knack for getting precisely the knowledge you want.

You have an exceptional ability to see right through to the heart of whatever it is that piques your interest. This gift will help you accomplish your dreams and get the success and admiration you deserve. Believing in yourself and exuding the power that was yours at birth allows you to take control of most situations, but only if you do it in a positive way. Be cautious of how you play with Pluto, for if you use it wrongly, it might backfire and bring you down in the most humiliating way imaginable. You have a lot of people’s trust because of your charm; don’t let it be wasted by lowering your standards.

You have a remarkable ability to cut through the noise and get to the bottom of things so that you may finally rest easy. It seems as if you have lived your whole life with a strong (even obsessive) sense of purpose, as if you were always meant to do something great no matter what anybody else thought. Be wary of being too fanatical, since this might lead you to ignore subtlety in favour of the conviction that your way is the only “right” one. Tragic events and the desire for self-improvement will leave an indelible impact on you, but they should also make you a more compassionate person who is eager to make the most of every opportunity and, cliche as it may seem, really strive to be the greatest version of yourself.

You could be fueled, at least in part, by an insatiable curiosity about the roots and ultimate fate of the people, places, and things that cross your path. Sometimes it’s necessary to lighten things up a little; you don’t have to be so morosely dark all the time. It’s possible that your desire for success and your penchant for hard truths may lead you to experience something really magnificent in your lifetime. Your life’s goal is admirable, but you will need to constantly make modifications to achieve it. It’s important to remember that even though you can be at a loss and have to go through some tough periods in your life, you can turn this into an opportunity for creativity and development if you’re willing to be flexible and trust life more.