Sun Square Pluto

With the Sun square Pluto aspect in the natal chart, we have a self-image that is hidden, controlled, unseen. A part of our personality is cloaked. Much of this is because there is something vulnerable to “protect” and threats to our autonomy in earlier childhood have led to an overprotective quality to our personality. Our life can contain parts that remain untold, but this could be due to our intense need for privacy or for the reason that Pluto energy surrounds anything that is emotionally invasive. Pluto is the planet of the subconscious and when these two planets (Sun and Pluto) are at odds, our focus in life is pulled inwards and we usually know exactly what we want and who we are. However, as these planets are squaring it means that there is often immense amounts of outside pressure that will attempt to force us to change or do something against our will. It could come through degradation, threats, subtle manipulation, or forcing us into an identity that simply won’t fit.

With our Sun square Pluto aspect, we will often withdraw while superficially playing along to get others off our back. Secretly holding onto something within that cannot be touched. Whatever the threatening force is outside, we ensure there will NEVER be full access. And that’s the crux of the feeling within, and it helps us to avoid feeling controlled. This Sun square Pluto connection in our chart frequently indicates that we will often have those “zero moments” when things hit rock bottom, when there is nothing left to lose. And we can be terrified of loss, even the slightest whiff of danger in the air brings in all kinds of terrifying nightmares of our life spinning out of control. It’s like we have some deeper knowledge about the hidden elements of life that can strike at any time. Or, more accurately, something disturbing has already happened, so it’s no use telling us not to fear the worst.

Pluto hanging over our life can constantly keep us on an emotional edge with anxiety that something terrible will wipe everything out. We are also prone to self-destructive behavior where we seem to be destroying what we create. So there is often there is an immense struggle within to release our inner light. With this Sun square Pluto aspect, we are going to have a lot of personal transformations relating to our sense vitality, personality, personal being, and our life in general. Yet, we do possess the potential for the greatest transformation in this lifetime, but sometimes there is a severe blockage. Fortunately, there is also another side of us that will never stop trying to achieve our goals. We have a passionate approach to the world but would still prefer a part of ourselves to remain in the shadows. Part of the psychology of us wanting to succeed so badly is often to prove others wrong. The people who thought we would amount to nothing; those who refused to see our full potential, and who severely criticized us. We can suffer from the worse feelings of self-hatred out of all of the solar aspects in the natal chart. But at some point in the journey, this all changes, and often very dramatically. The evolved Pluto part of our nature sees into depths of a much longer history and then it seems like great forgiveness comes from this growing part of our being.

Our life is not to be lived in the shadows forever, pushed down, or degraded. For when we are positively growing, well, we’re heading for one hell of a transformation. All of the seeds and remnants of the SELF, what’s growing in the dark, bursts through into the sunshine and releases years of our accumulated depressions, poisons, and resentments in the process. At this transition, it seems as if we shine the brightest amongst all others.