Grand Cross: Tension, Stress and Trauma

The Grand Cross is an uncommon but extremely stressful triggering and powerful configuration of four planets (sometimes more) in a combination of four squares and two oppositions – double the trouble of the T-square! It is commonly thought that individuals who have this in their chart have certainly incarnated with a “cross to bear.” Having such a pattern in the horoscope may bring them situations which are too much to cope with. These life events are frequently demanding, trying, tough,...

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Sun Square Saturn (Fixed) Between a Rock and a Hard Place

The film documentary 127 hours is based on the true story of Aron Ralston who after a fall in the Utah desert while rock climbing was forced to amputate his arm after a boulder had fallen and trapped his hand. You can read the full story here about his efforts to stay alive. Aron was born with Sun in Scorpio a sign known for its strong survival instincts, intense and focused energy. In Aron’s horoscope the Sun forms a square to Saturn in […]

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