Venus in 12th House

4ead4bd7396037bf6ff61f6c953fb141Those with Venus in the 12th house have a loving and sympathetic nature, but they often feel compelled to sacrifice their own desires and give themselves in order to feel validated. Romantic partners may be unstable or addictive personalities, but they can also become enablers in relationships.

Through an unconscious need for love and validation, they sometimes fall in love with unobtainable lovers and become easily hurt when others take advantage of them. The love life may be kept hidden and concealed for years, and those with this position of Venus are particularly prone to secret affairs. Venus here may also fall in love with the illusory image of a lover, and then become disillusioned when the real person exposes their human failings. Still, Venus here loves with a kind of religious zeal.

Past life readings for Venus in the 12th house are interesting, but their trustworthiness is debatable. Several past life astrologers believe that Venus in the 12th house, manipulated others with their wealth or beauty and this was the source for their previous undoing.

“Venus may incline you to various forms of indulgence which boost your sense of well-being. Secretly, you may eat large quantities of sweets, or go on periodic shopping binges (usually buying beautiful clothes, jewellery, or aesthetic objects). If your Venus or your chart as a whole reflects the influence of Taurus more than Libra, you may deny your own materialism while nevertheless allowing yourself to become quite attached to your belongings. You may also be ashamed of your indulgent behaviour, which may be excessive, but which is also a healthy attempt to love yourself and experience greater pleasure in life.” Your Secret Self: Illuminating the Mysteries of the Twelfth House

Venus in the 12th house gains self-worth from helping the unfortunate and those with emotional and financial need. It can be frequent in those attracted to professions such as social work and nursing. Venus in the 12th house is beneficial for charitable institutions and it increases kindness and goodwill.Marriage and partnership can be used as a means to escape, and self-esteem may have been sacrificed and talents suppressed. However, a strong value system and peace-making skills could be their hidden strengths. Happiness is usually tied to the spiritual, mystical, otherworldly and ethereal side of life. Artistic and musical flair may similarly be buried gifts, which might offer the individual peace and happiness in solitude.

Venus in this position can conceal and repress their love nature, and there may be a deep love of quiet and privacy. Beauty is found in hidden things, but feeling beautiful is sometimes discouraged in childhood, and they may have felt overlooked, ignored, unnoticed and disregarded in this department. Venus in the 12th house has an aura of loneliness and seclusion, and some suffer from shyness and vulnerability, and so they are easily hurt.