Venus-Neptune aspects

Venus-Neptune: Someday my Prince Will Come

Camilla Parker Bowles is Prince Charles’s second wife and they wed in 2005. During the time when Charles and Princess Diana were married, Camilla was Charles’ mistress. Currently, she is married to him and lends her support to the Prince in all of his royal obligations, which include volunteering for charitable organisations and going to events. Camilla and Prince Charles are claimed to have first met during a polo match, which was the beginning of their connection.

The Lost Prince

After that, Camilla became one of Prince Charles’ several lovers and was said to have desired to marry him. On the other hand, she was considered an inappropriate choice for the future monarch to marry. There were rumours that Prince Charles had seen Camilla too soon after their engagement and that he had not asked her to wait for him when he was away on military duty in another country. It was as if the two of them would never be able to really part ways, and it felt as though their affections for one another would never truly fade. The fact that they had an affair was brought to light when the book Diana: Her True Story was made available to the public.

A Love Triangle

Astrologically, Camilla has a lot of planets in the sign of Cancer, which is known for its sensitivity, compassion, and responsiveness. Even though she was born with these traits, she couldn’t get people to care about her as much as Diana could. In most cases, a more sympathetic reaction will be given to the individual that plays the “victim” in the relationship, which in this case is Diana. In a love triangle, one of the people involved is in an exclusive relationship with another person, making it impossible for them to pursue their feelings for the other person. There are many possible explanations for why a person might have an extramarital affair, but Charles felt certain that Diana was emotionally unstable. Therefore, Charles would often seek solace in Camilla’s embraces while he was feeling down. During the difficult years of his marriage, she served as a mother figure to him, providing him with emotional support and protection.

The Venus-Neptune Aspect: Longing and Suffering

Camilla was born with a Venus-Neptune aspect in her natal chart, which indicates that she has a tendency to idealise love and a strong desire to immerse herself in a significant other. The inability to view the other person in a genuine light is another sign of this malady. Love has the power to make her oblivious to the flaws and shortcomings in her relationship because it makes her feel drunk, full of desire, and filled to the brim with great romantic vision, compassion, and in acceptance of the situation.

In fact, the obstacles that stood solely in the way of love seemed to do nothing more than prolong the ideal. When Camilla was finally able to capture her “Prince Charming,” he may not have turned out to be all she had hoped for, but eventually there would be less longing and suffering. The fact that the marriage is still going strong is not to say that all Venus-Neptune relationships will not materialise, nor is it to say that the man Camilla yearned for would never become a reality. 

Venus in Aspect to Neptune: Romantic Sacrifice

In any romantic setting, a Venus-Neptune connection may inspire feelings of selflessness, sacrifice, and romance. People who are Pisces, have a strong Neptune, or have their 12th house tenanted are often the targets of losers. Some Venus-Neptune’s are drawn to the outcasts and dregs in society, and periodically they are drawn to the struggling musician or penniless artist as well as a royal prince. Although realistic discrimination of the lover is always desired with this kind of romantic idealism, doing so would lose all of the romance, mystery and allure of the relationship.

Did the “romance” between Camilla and her Prince end when she married him? I’ve always found this to be intriguing. No more shady get-togethers or pining away for an illusive love interest. All of the pain, along with the fact that they were rejected by the general population. By loving someone far away, she was able to keep many of her dreams alive. When you finally get your man, it’s normal to feel let down.

Here is a quote from Sue Tompkins on the Venus-Neptune combination:

When I first started practicing as an astrologer I was several times caught out by Venus-Neptune clients requesting comparisons between them and their partners. “Caught out” in that I entered into their fantasies only to discover, after further, usually very directive questioning, that they were not in fact having a relationship with the object of their desire. It could be said they were having a relationship, but only with a fantasy, and certainly without the other person physically participating in it! Aspects in Astrology: A Guide to Understanding Planetary Relationships in the Horoscope