Venus in Virgo – The One with the List

One of the things that makes a Venus in Virgo is that they can put things where they belong. Within the bounds of this zodiac sign, we see the orderly and complete growth of our personalities, the learning of new skills, and the general gathering of information. Even the best systems can break down, and the problem with “too much” compartmentalization is that life doesn’t always come in neat little packages that are easy to organise. Also, as a general rule, you shouldn’t put your lover in different boxes like you do with other things. Being critical or picky is a great way to kill desire, and if all you do on a date is check boxes, you won’t even get a second one.

Virgo’s opposite sign, Pisces, has a tendency to be blinded by their lover’s flaws and make up a whole fantasy about every woman or man. On the other hand, Virgos are very good at seeing flaws in themselves and in others. Even though it’s important to recognise and accept your partner’s flaws, you shouldn’t do so as much as Pisces does. Try not to be too rule-bound like Virgo, though, because there are times when things that, on paper, shouldn’t work end up working. When it comes to love relationships, Virgos usually take a practical, detailed, and intellectual approach. The most charming thing about this Venus sign is that they love to help others and get absorbed in their mental works.

The most attractive trait is the desire to help other people. People born under the Virgo sign are known to care about making their surroundings better, and they can do any job in the least amount of time and effort. They also enjoy finishing up all the things they haven’t done yet. They have a mental filing cabinet that knows where everything goes and how to get to it. Because of this, intellectual systems are very important to Virgos. This Venus placement could be hard for Virgo because, even though they hate all kinds of chaos, the problem starts when they start to pick at themselves, which makes them lose their sense of beauty, self-worth, and being worthy. There is also a tendency to think too much about things and a constant need to make sure everything is in perfect order. Because they put logic above all else, it will never be easy for them to deal with people who are too emotional.

Be aware that you cannot prove that a rose is beautiful by pulling it apart petal by petal – on the contrary, this destroys it. When you can resist this temptation to tamper with what is already simply attractive, and let the technical take second place to the inspirational, you can be second to none in appreciating, expressing and upholding the exquisite fragility of Love and Beauty. The Watkins Astrology Handbook: The Practical System of DIY Astrology

Venus in Virgo is a sweetheart you can count on, as well as an artistic craftsperson who is very resourceful. Decorating, designing, and making things gives them satisfaction and a feeling of accomplishment. Anything that keeps them busy and useful is worth their time. Aside from that, the tendency toward responsibility, order, and security will make sure that the loving nature is shown in real ways, such as by fixing things, sharing knowledge, and teaching others how to handle things in a better way.

When Venus is in the sign of Virgo, self-enriching characteristics include a desire for order, the beauty of the mind, the elegance and quietness of nature, and a love of being outside. Relationships are frustratingly logical because people know how the cogs work in the bigger machine of life. They are also very stable because they are both mind-focused and grounded. When everyone realises that their deep understanding of how things work, their desire to fulfil shared responsibilities, and their desire to keep love alive through devoted service are all factors, the real warmth of the relationship starts to become clearer.