Venus in Virgo – The One with the List

One facet of Virgo’s personality is their ability to arrange life into order. It is within this zodiacal sign that, on a general level, we order and fully develop the personality, learning skills, acquiring knowledge. However, there is always a glitch even in the best of systems and the trouble with “too much” compartmentalizing is that life isn’t always so neatly packaged. And as a basic rule of thumb, DO NOT compartmentalize your lover in this exact same way. Being critical or nit-picky is a major passion killer, and you are never even going to get the first date if all you do is tick off boxes. I have a Friends scene (click to view explaining this idea. Accept your partner’s flaws and all, but not to the extent that Pisces does – as they are prone to be blinded by their lover’s faults and create a whole dream image around every woman or man – sometimes things that shouldn’t work in theory, somehow do manage to get it together.

Virgo lovers can be practical, specific, and intellectual in the approach of romantic affairs. The best trait of this Venus sign is shown by their willingness to help; they enjoy being of service and getting involved in a mental task. Typically, improving situations is Virgo’s main priority, they can get the job done with maximum efficiency, and there is usually a love of tying up all the loose ends in life. Intellectual systems are important to the sign of Virgo, they have a mental filing cabinet that knows exactly where everything goes. The energy of Virgo hates any kind of chaos, but the only difficulty with this placement is when the nit-picking mentality turns inwards towards their sense of beauty, self-value, and worth. It can also be directed towards others, and there is always a tendency to over-think and a need to get everything absolutely right. Excessive emotionalism is never an easy area because they value intellectual analysis above all else.

Be aware that you cannot prove that a rose is beautiful by pulling it apart petal by petal – on the contrary, this destroys it. When you can resist this temptation to tamper with what is already simply attractive, and let the technical take second place to the inspirational, you can be second to none in appreciating, expressing and upholding the exquisite fragility of Love and Beauty. The Watkins Astrology Handbook: The Practical System of DIY Astrology

Venus in Virgo is kind-hearted, dependable, and is the artistic craftsperson, exceptionally resourceful. In relationships, the love nature is expressed through the earthy reality of life, ease and enjoyment are found through decorating, designing, making things, anything that can keep them productively engaged is worth their time. Furthermore, the penchant for duty, order, and security will ensure that the loving nature is expressed through tangible acts – fixing things, offering up knowledge, and showing others how things can run more productively. The beauty of this placement is the combination of what is valuable and practical, and they will harvest their energy by being useful.

Anyone with Venus in Virgo often has the wonderful ability to make others feel that everything is under control. The love of order, the beauty of the mind, the grace and composed nature are all self-enhancing. A maddening rationality in relationships is apparent, and it is because of this possession of the knowledge of knowing how the clogs function in the big machine of life; they are so mind orientated as well as being grounded. The real warmth of the placement really breaks through once they know there is a deep value for their keen insights into the function of things and through sharing mutual chores and maintaining love by devoted service.