Venus in Virgo – The One with the List

Within the bounds of the Virgo zodiac sign, we observe the orderly and complete growth of our personalities, the development of new abilities, and the general gathering of information and putting it to use in the right areas of life; this is one of the things that makes a Venus in Virgo unique. The problem with “too much” compartmentalization, however, is the same one that plagues even the greatest systems: life doesn’t always arrive in tidy little packets that are easy to organise. Similarly, unlike other aspects of your life, your romantic life shouldn’t be compartmentalised. Being overly critical or choosy can put a damper on attraction, and if all you do on a date is tick things off a list, you won’t even get a second one. Pisces, Virgo’s opposite sign, tends to ignore their partner’s shortcomings in favour of creating an idealised version of them. However, Virgos have a keen eye for seeing faults in both themselves and others. It’s crucial to see and accept your spouse for who they are, but not quite to the extent that Pisces does. In spite of this, Virgo, try not to be too rule-bound, as there are instances when things that, on paper, shouldn’t work end up working.

Venus in Virgo tends to be methodical, analytical, and detail-oriented in their approaches to romantic partnerships. The most endearing quality of those born under this Venus placement is that they are always willing to lend a hand to those in need and are completely engrossed in intellectual pursuits. Venus in Virgo’s most endearing quality is their eagerness to provide a hand to those in need. Those with this planet in Virgo are also recognised for their efficiency and the ability to make many people happy via their work. 

This Venus placement may also be trying for them since they have a tendency to criticise and beat themselves up, which may lead to a loss of confidence and a belief that they aren’t beautiful and deserving of love. Overthinking is another issue, as is an obsession with detail. 

Be aware that you cannot prove that a rose is beautiful by pulling it apart petal by petal – on the contrary, this destroys it. When you can resist this temptation to tamper with what is already simply attractive, and let the technical take second place to the inspirational, you can be second to none in appreciating, expressing and upholding the exquisite fragility of Love and Beauty. The Watkins Astrology Handbook: The Practical System of DIY Astrology

In Virgo, Venus is a reliable sweetheart, as well as a creative artisan with a lot of practical skills. Decorating, designing, and constructing things brings them happiness and a sense of accomplishment. Anything that keeps them occupied and useful is valuable to them. Furthermore, the propensity toward responsibility, order, and security will guarantee that the loving nature is demonstrated in genuine ways, such as by mending things, imparting knowledge, and instructing others in better methods of handling problems.

When Venus is in Virgo, those traits that benefit the individual most include a love of the outdoors, an appreciation for nature’s peaceful elegance, a focus on mental beauty, and a need for stability and organisation. Since most of them have a good grasp of how the various moving parts of life fit together, relationships may be both mentally stimulating and firmly rooted in reality, making for a painfully logical yet surprisingly steady set of interpersonal relationships. Real affection is revealed when both partners realize the significance of their mutual understanding of their commitment to upholding their responsibilities to one another, and their desire to keep their love alive by selfless acts of service to one another.

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